Who messed up the Software ???

Gordon Brown dashes Tony Blairs chances as EU President!

That nail-biting master of the political podcast and self-serving media interviews Gordon (I'm looking for a job next May) Brown has thrown his lot in as Tony Blairs bagman for the EU Presidency. The EU has not filed proper accounts for many years now and hands out expenses, as we would dish out cornflakes...

Labour really did turn on 'Rivers of Blood', Blair,Straw and Blunkett said to be Implicated

Labour wanted mass immigration to make UK more multicultural, claims former adviser.

Labour threw open Britain's borders to mass immigration to help socially engineer a "truly multicultural" country, a former Government adviser has revealed.

The story originally published in the London Evening Standard was picked up by Tom Whitehead, Home Affairs Editor of the Daily Telegraph, he writes:

The huge increases in migrants over the last decade were partly due to a politically motivated attempt by ministers to radically change the country and "rub the Right's nose in diversity", according to Andrew Neather, a former adviser to Tony Blair, Jack Straw and David Blunkett.

He said Labour's relaxation of controls was a deliberate plan to "open up the UK to mass migration" but that ministers were nervous and reluctant to discuss such a move publicly for fear it would alienate its "core working class vote". I admire Islam, it's lefties I can't stand. As a result, the public argument for immigration concentrated instead on the economic benefits and need for more migrants.

Critics said the revelations showed a "conspiracy" within Government to impose mass immigration for "cynical" political reasons.

Mr Neather was a speech writer who worked in Downing Street for Tony Blair and in the Home Office for Jack Straw and David Blunkett, in the early 2000s.

Writing in the London Evening Standard, he revealed the "major shift" in immigration policy came after the publication of a policy paper from the Performance and Innovation Unit, a Downing Street think tank based in the Cabinet Office, in 2001.

He wrote a major speech for Barbara Roche, the then immigration minister, in 2000, which was largely based on drafts of the report. He said the final published version of the report promoted the labour market case for immigration but unpublished versions contained additional reasons, he said.

He wrote: "Earlier drafts I saw also included a driving political purpose: that mass immigration was the way that the Government was going to make the UK truly multicultural.

"I remember coming away from some discussions with the clear sense that thepolicy was intended – even if this wasn't its main purpose – to rub the Right's nose in diversity and render their arguments out of date."

The "deliberate policy", from late 2000 until "at least February last year", when the new points based system was introduced, was to open up the UK to mass migration, he said.

Some 2.3 million migrants have been added to the population since then, according to Whitehall estimates quietly slipped out last month. On Question Time on Thursday, Mr Straw was repeatedly quizzed about whether Labour's immigration policies had left the door open for the BNP.

In his Evening Standard column, Mr Neather said that as well as bringing in hundreds of thousands more migrants to plug labour market gaps, there was also a "driving political purpose" behind immigration policy. He defended the policy, saying mass immigration has "enriched" Britain, and made London a more attractive and cosmopolitan place. But he acknowledged that "nervous" ministers made no mention of the policy at the time for fear of alienating Labour voters.

"Part by accident, part by design, the Government had created its longed-for immigration boom.

"But ministers wouldn't talk about it. In part they probably realised the conservatism of their core voters: while ministers might have been passionately in favour of a more diverse society, it wasn't necessarily a debate they wanted to have in working men's clubs in Sheffield or Sunderland."

Sir Andrew Green, chairman of the Migrationwatch think tank, said: "Now at least the truth is out, and it's dynamite. "Many have long suspected that mass immigration under Labour was not just a cock up but also a conspiracy. They were right.

"This Government has admitted three million immigrants for cynical political reasons concealed by dodgy economic camouflage."

The chairmen of the cross-party Group for Balanced Migration, MPs Frank Field and Nicholas Soames, said: "We welcome this statement by an ex-adviser, which the whole country knows to be true. It is the first beam of truth that has officially been shone on the immigration issue in Britain."

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Griffin gets the Cassetteboy treatment...Enjoy!

IF you missed the BBC Questiontime Show with BNP's Tubby Hitler affectionado Nick Griffen MEP, making a prize chump of himself, this is all you really need to know and in under 2 minutes! Hats off to Cassetteboy another mini masterpiece..


Fun and games outside the BBC TVC in London as reviled British National Party Head Nick Griffin MEP was smuggled inside to appear on the 22nd October 2009 edition of the News Entertainment Question Time TV Programme. Around 600 people waving placards were in place to greet him and possibly still in place to see him smuggled out..


The Office of Fair Trading is not going to investigate the beer tie purchase arrangement between pubcos and their managers. This means they must buy certain live or real ales,  at inflated non-market prices from designated distributors... rather than from frfee market sources or drerict from individual breweries.

OFT RESPONSE: Any strategy by a pub-owning company which compromises the competitive position of its tied pubs would not be sustainable, as this would result in a loss of sales," said Simon Williams, senior director of the OFT's goods group.
I leased a free of tie pub in Norfolk and after 18 months gave back the lease losing in the process. I found out too late that the previous landlord had in fact been trading around the clock and doubling bar prices after closing time during lock ins!

But the real problem with the OFT report is:

The OFT report totally misses the point that pubcos are these days in effect little more than property companies and have no interest in the promotion of live or real ale. That is fact.

They would prefer that real ale is confined to a bottle and that line fed beers are restricted to lagers and other easy to handle top pressure ( ie co2 driven) beers as the pubcos can put line monitors on each line, they are unable to do this with live or real ales through hand pump beer engines. in fact by the application of the tie, it effectively restricts distribution and competition.

Tie beers are usually distributed by third parties (ie Batemans use Small Beer many others use Waveney Beer Seller) so a dual price list will be applied on the same delivery run, the non tied pub will get a similar beer for say 30% less than the next drop off to a tied pub, all from the samer Gyle [brew]number.

If the Pubco can show that a pub is failing it can be easily disposed of, the licence withdrawn, despite any objections from locals, simply by showing the negative balance sheet! The property delicenced and used for other purposes such as a private residence. This returns an amazing proifit to the pubco shareholders, far more than a rental income! 

I cannot believe that the OFT has been so taken in by the pubcos!

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"Barking Nutter Party has an efnik write two be herd" NIck Griffin

Each time the Robert Maxwell of the collective dangerous loony parties BNP (Barking Nutter Party) top of the slimeball manure heap and head honcho Nick Griffin (he retains Maxwells hair and colour stylist) correctly claims that the Spitfire “represents the collective will of the British people to respond to the threat of foreign invasion”. He forgets it also took a lot of aluminium pots and pans PLUS a variety of nationalities to knit the whole Spitfire and Hurricane series of iconic 1940's aircraft together.

However what he deliberately blanks out, as it does not fit into his Janet & John mini-Hitler Guide to Democracy is that the British Army, Royal Navy and the Royal Air Force has long recruited brave soldiers, sailors and airmen of every ethnic and cultural background.

Specifically to respond to the threat of any foe threatening the British community - irrespective of that community’s race, colour or creed.

This includes multi-cultural and ethnic British soldiers currently serving in Afghanistan, even if some of us doubt the correctness of our involvement, the military without question will carry out the wishes of the elected politicians (OK we did not elect Brown as our Prime Minister but hopefully that will be corrected by a wholesale change in leadership next May!)

But using iconic images to prop up the dangerous nutter party is not only a cheap shot but unwittingly for Griffin very cost effective and a truly brilliant move! All the hard work of thinking up policies and designing a corporate brand or logo is no longer required. I commend it to other aspiring but cash strapped political hopefuls!  

Just visit The Imperial war Museums' own wartime airport in Duxford and buy up the reproductions for a couple of quid in the museum shop, or stand in front of the classic displays with a throwaway camera. A couple of felt tip markers and an appropriate loony slogan and our top of the heap shite shoveller Nick is in business!

So much so, that the weak willed numpties at the BBC offers our Nick a seat on Question Time! It might however be a smart move as random questions from the floor might cause our Nick to depart from the six foot high idiot boards being held up by Millwall supporters for him to read extolling the Barking Nutter Party mantra. 

In spiderlike block capitals as written by a five year old (Oh it was! Apparently very few BNP members can string words together, so one of the children was bribed with a box of gob stoppers sent to Nick by the Tory party but he didn't take the hint!).

The sad part is the Nutters will pick up a few votes and may even elect an MP or two. They will contribute little to the overall democratic mix but at least they will be heard and for that the muti-ethnic sacrifice of our WW2 airmen - and the fatal casualties from the 200 wars since then -  will have been of lasting value and honour. Rather than the nation now speaking German and Nick having the life immediately squeezed out of him at birth as clearly he does not fit the true genetic make up of a real blonde Nazi. The hair dye gives it away.       
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Pink Taxi and a Fag for Jan Moir

Pink Taxi and a Fag for Jan Moir

I've never met Jan Moir or if I have it would have been at one time, during my long and distinguished drinking career, now sadly a distant twinkle. It would be in the back bar at El Vino's in Londons' Fleet Street (the late Nigel Dempster and Peter McKay (McHackey) would be at the front bar alcove on the right as you enter. Or perhaps later in the Kensington basement car park underneath the Daily Mail Building? Should explain, it was turned into a drinking/dining club Scribes West - hosted and part owned at one time by a Mr Terry Venables (of footy fame and a dab hand on the Karry-Oaki-Dokey machine - if you like 'My Way' sung like that).

I say this as I have this vivid picture of Jan knocking back a few gin martinis, a couple of Advocaat snowballs, a pink gin or two and a slug of Jack Daniels for good measure. Then just as she is about to start an evenings entertainment, a few moir (?) drinks perhaps, the office telephones.

A battle weary Sub-Editor (if they still have them) drones down the phone:"Stephen Gately has died", "Stephen WHO? You dare to ring me for this?! DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM??!!"

The sub-editor now standing to attention at his desk and not having the benefit of a good liquid lunch, just a few overpriced dried out cardboard sandwiches and a glass of Hock. "Err, I think you used to work here?" replies the deskbound hack warming to the challenge and knowing he has the power to ruin social and love lives, holidays and anything else that gets in the way of a good story.

At this point Jan reveals her softer side: "OK get me the cuttings from the Mo[ir]gue and I'll give you 750 sassy words. No one will read it as Baz and co will go celeb. overboard and I doubt if it will make the final edition."

Conspiracy theory or cock-up? The latter perhaps, in the biblical sense. Little was she to realise that the paper having already stupidly upset Tory MP hopeful (and possibly Alan A'Dales long lost bastard strolling minstral son - or was it Jim Dale?) the magnificent Iain Dale no less. ("He's a bugger Lord Rogermere, NO a BLOGGER, you fool!" the comment lost in the white noise of truth..).

Jan smoothes down the creases in her M&S blue polka dot dress - if its good enough for Mrs Cameron it's OK pour Moir! She happily tells anyone who will listen that "Mr Rose had given her one!" Falling over the threshold of the office, clearing a ton of detritus from the first available desk,clutching a box of grubby well thumbed cuttings, Jan begins, but first licking the traces of Advocaat from her parched but quivering lips....

Point par..In fact, it is rather depressingly familiar. But somehow we never expected it of him. Never him. Not Stephen Gately...In the cheerful environs of Boyzone, Gately was always charming, cute, polite and funny.,,, even though he could barely carry a tune in a Louis Vuitton trunk.... the Posh Spice of Boyzone...Gately came out as gay in 1999.... effectively smoked out of the closet

Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-1220756/A-strange-lonely-troubling-death--.html#ixzz0U97Am7P8

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MoD document confirms £97 MILLION worth of cuts in British Army resource

The British Army has been forced to cut the number of new soldiers it recruits to save money, official MoD document

According to MoD document ref:“ABN 57/09 In Year Savings Measures” Savage cuts in manpower are part of a £97 million package of spending reductions forced on the Army this year. This follows the UK Governments spending of over a TRILLION POUNDS STERLING to prop up the all but bust banking sector, the virtually unlimited printing of banknotes by thye Bank of England (other banks may be available!) and to pay for MP's expenses, Duck Houses, Moats, Food, Cleaners and so on.

Training for Territorial Army soldiers and the renovation of soldiers’ housing - already in a poor condition have also been cut to save the faces of several politicans. The reductions in training and recruiting are now raising concerns about the impact on the Army’s future capabilities. The squeeze on the Army’s already strapped budget has emerged in the same week that beleagured Prime Minister Gordon Brown, currently bumping along the bottom of the opinion polls, announced he will send another 500 British troops to Afghanistan. He did however put several conditions on the deployment, non of them medical or relating to his own health.

Ministers have publicly and repeatedly insisted that the Armed Forces are properly funded, but the Army document drawn up this week for the MoD shows that Army recruitment has been cut by 500 from January to relieve “pressure” on the manpower budget. The very same number earmarked for active service in Afghanistan.

The MoD paper, dated October 13 2010, obtained by the Miltary World website is entitled “ABN 57/09 In Year Savings Measures”. It outlines cuts drawn up by General Sir David Richards, the Chief of the General Staff and rubber stamped by the not very impressive Bob Ainsworth, the current defence secretary.

Sir David has already made cuts of £43 million to help the MoD balance its budget, but at a stormy meeting of the Defence Board last month, he was told to come up with another £54 million of reductions, an amount lesdsd than the Mod's annual spewnd on spin doctors.

The Daily Telegraph revealed last month that the MoD spent more than pounds 61 million on public relations last year.

To avoid direct cuts from the Afghan operation, Sir David has been forced to reduce the Army’s training and recruitment activities.

The paper states: “The planned recruit intake into the Army Recruiting and Training Division is to be reduced by 500 to help reduce the specific pressure on the Army manpower budget.”

In 2008, the Army took in 14,280 new people, while 14,070 personnel left. A 500-place recruitment cut would have meant the Army brought in fewer people than it lost. The recruitment cut will be felt across the Army. The only units to be spared from the cuts are the so-called “pinch point” trades where there are already deep shortages of specialists, and those infantry regiments with the worst recruiting records.

The recruitment cut will deprive the Army of £2 million in the current financial year, the MoD paper claims.

“The planned recruit intake into the Army Recruiting and Training Division is to be reduced by 500 to help reduce the specific pressure on the Army manpower budget," the document concludes.

After intense criticism from opposition parties, campaigners and commanders, ministers made repeated promises to improve the standard of accommodation for soldiers, but shamefully the document reveals that housing has also fallen victim to the cuts. Another £14 million of cuts will be made by delay some planned upgrade work on single soldiers’ living accommodation.

The Army had planned to upgrade 790 housing units this year. Now only 205 of those projects will be completed on time this year.

The MoD paper, widely distributed to commanding officers and senior officials this week, says the cuts are needed for the MoD to “remain within budget in this financial year.”

It says: “Financially, these are difficult times and the MOD, like all Government departments, is required to produce major cost savings.”

“Our priority is to support current operations and these measures are necessary to focus remaining resources on the main effort. These measures will not affect current operations.”

The document also confirms that training for Territorial Army soldiers will be cut by £20 million. That follows a £23 million cut earlier in the year. A budget reduction of £43 million in less than a year.

David Cameron, the Conservative leader, said the “unacceptable” cuts are affecting reservists due to go to Afghanistan next year.

Another £4 million will be cut from funding for school cadet forces. As Chancellor in 2006, Gordon Brown announced the expansion of cadet units, saying he wanted more children to participate in them.

University Officer Training Corps will also lose £3 million.

The cut in Army recruiting and training should raise questions about Government/MoD runaway spending on civilian officials. The MoD currently employs 85,730 civil servants. Britain now has more military bureaucrats for every active serviceman than any of its NATO allies..

Liam Fox, the Conservative shadow defence secretary, accused Labour of being: “disgraceful and penny pinching."

He said: “Too often, this Government has simply not been up to the task on defence. We need forces that are better supplied with equipment.. In Afghanistan and elsewhere, whether we’re dealing with equipment or other things, we’re willing the ends, but not the means.”

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SWNS South West News Agency News agency founder dies aged 73

SWNS South West News Agency News agency founder dies aged 73

A South West journalist synonymous with the Bristol region's news and sport has died aged 73. Roland Arblaster, affectionately known as Roly, worked for Bristol dailies the Evening Post and Western Daily Press in the 1960s as a news reporter despite nearly embarking on a cookery course to become a chef. While doing a paper round prior to commencement of the course he noticed an advert for a junior reporter so applied for that instead.

Upon leaving the Bristol papers, Roly was a founder member of the South West News Service, now a very well-established and busy news agency supplying copy and pictures to national and international magazines, newspapers and broadcasters.

During his 17 years with SWNS he built a long-standing relationship with HTV and worked for them as a freelance TV reporter. Roland also supplied my own news agency CNS-City News Service with background and research on all matters related to his home stamping ground Bristol. When Danny la Rue appeared in the 1980 box office record breaking Christmas Pantomime Aladdin at the Bristol Hippodrome, Roly 'invented' a series of stories surrounding the Aladdin theme, which had local children invading carpet shops in the City looking for a missing flying magical carpet which finally ended up on a parking space, being clamped and Aladdin played by Geraldine Gardner (Bombalurina in the original London production of Cats) mistakenly handed a REAL parking ticket which took some explaining as it wasn't subsequently cancelled and court documents issued stated "Registration Number Refused!"

In the late 70s he covered the region's sport and in 1982 sold his share of SWNS to work full-time for HTV, becoming news editor and then taking over the sports desk in 1992.

That same year he launched the hour-long highlights show 'West Match' which was HTV's first dedicated football show.

Among the big stories he covered included exposing patient cruelty at a local hospital in the 1970s after two nurses turned whistle blowers and the great floods of 1968.

Roly was an avid cricket fan, following Gloucestershire CCC, and was chairman of Timsbury Cricket Club.

His son Colin told the Evening Post: "He was kind and worshipped mum and put her on a pedestal. He supported us and was a really strong character, and we will all miss him."

Roly died at his home whilst watching football. He leaves behind his wife Janet, they married in 1965, three children and five grandchildren.

Ouch! Dave Letterman Divorce could cost $300,000,000!

Geraldo Rivera on FoxNews quoting sources says that naughty talk show king Dave Letterman is facing a divorce allegedly filed by his long suffering former girlfriend of many years and wife of a few years ...perhaps the two bricks treatment would have been cheaper!

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Gordon Brown speaks:Eye,Eye that's your lot! Cassetteboy video...Enjoy

Gordon Brown speaks:"Eye, Eye that's your lot!" Cassetteboy video...Enjoy!

Gordon Brown to step down for 'medical reasons in January 2010?

Gordon Brown to step down for 'medical reasons in January 2010?

"Yesterday [Friday 10 October 2010] Mr Brown visited Moorfields Hospital as part of regular checks on his eye and this check was also fine. Mr Brown wants to thank the doctors and staff of the NHS, particularly Moorfields Hospital. Were there to be any change, he would of course make a further statement."

10 Downing Street claimed the details had been released "in the interests of transparency", and the hapless spokesman went on to claim "there was no question of "regular" updates on the Prime Ministers' continuing medical condition." A really brassed-neck attempt to draw a line under current speculation. However, the approach could make it more difficult to hold back information about Mr Brown's health and general well-being in future.

Contrary to media reports and claims by some commentators who should know better. I first raised questions over Gordon Browns medical condition, a few years ago when he was still at the Treasury, initially prompted by a long drawn out televised Budget Speech which for some reason, the cameras repeatedly focused on the state of Gordon Browns fingers and thumbs; all his nails were badly bitten right down to the quick, perhaps not bitten but ripped out would be more accurate.

Nailbiting in adults is generally accepted as a clear sign of chronic stress, not just habit. In the same Budget Speech live Telecast, Brown had sat down and the Leader of the Opposition was just rising to his feet to reply. Again a candid cutaway, showed Brown having a furtive nail nibble whilst listening to an over the shoulder comment from Tony Blair, seated alongside him.

The PM has been repeatedly quizzed during interviews over his medical condition and his eyesight ('telly-land' increasingly reliant upon the bloggers for breaking news and scandal), BBC's Andrew Marr Show last month, (the video being included in 'Duckhouse Blog'). During the MARR interview Mr Brown reluctantly denied mounting speculation that he was becoming increasingly dependent on prescription painkillers. This should be an easy matter to resolve by a simple regular Urine test or releasing Gordon Browns medical records and a comprehensive list of all OTC (Over the counter), prescription and other drugs, he and Sarah Brown may have access to.

Some so far unconfirmed media reports had suggested Mr Brown might use concerns about his health as a legitimate and dignified reason for stepping down as Prime Minister ahead of the election. New concerns about tears to the retina in his one remaining eye - Brown lost his other eye as the result of an injury, whist playing Rugby as a teenager.

Quoted on the Internet, Som Prasad, a consultant ophthalmologist at Arrow Park Hospital on Merseyside, Northern England, said that although Mr Brown may not undergo more surgery on his retina, other less drastic surgical procedures could be on the cards.

Tears to the retina can be heat-sealed by directing a laser beam of light through the pupil of the eye to produce a scar which seals the tear. An alternative would be cryotherapy treatment, where a freezing treatment is applied by a pen-shaped probe to the outside of the eye. But if the retina becomes detached - as has happened to Mr Brown twice before - "more complicated operations" may also be needed to prevent the loss of sight.

Candidly 'friends' of Gordon Brown have been sugesting January 2010 would be a very good time for Gordon Brown to withdraw from politics and retire with dignity. The the door has been left wide open he could easily cite 'medical reasons'. Fighting a long and protracted war in Afghanistan (Brown admits to not understanding the ritualistic ways of the Military), constant 'head on' rows with the Forces and now a possible formal written demand, that following the MP expenses scandal, Gordon Brown might be required to pay some of the money claimed as expenses over the last five years, back to the Treasury. Any payment will include his subscription to Sky Sports satellite premium TV channels then? Rats leaving a sinking ship? Just polirtical tactics then? You can decide in May 2010 at the General Election

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How much DO you earn Mr Paxman? asks Boris

Boris - Mayor of London slugs it out with Jeremy Paxman at the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester

All the current media sacred cows are given an airing, enjoy!

George Delivers Unique Budget Style Speech

George Osbourne Speech In Full
George Delivers Unique Budget Style Speech
and they fixed the video backdrop too!

We know what the task is.

Britain is coming out of the deepest recession since the war.

Our country is facing the largest budget deficit in our modern history.

And we will have no choice but tackle it decisively if we are to stop high interest rates and the unemployment they bring.

Yet at the same time the next Conservative Government is determined to leave public services and society stronger than it finds them.

Put bluntly.

Labour created this mess.

Everything we have done in this Party:

- all the changes we have brought about;

- all the judgements we have made;

- all the leadership that you David have shown us;

all these things have prepared us for this moment – the moment when we ask to take our country forward at a time of enormous difficulty.

Our unwavering commitment to fiscal responsibility as the root of economic stability.

Our understanding that millions of Britons depend on public services and cannot opt out.

Our conviction that precisely because so many depend on them, those services need radical reform.

Our determination as compassionate Conservatives to protect the most vulnerable.

Our hard-headed recognition that, without enterprise and aspiration, compassion comes with an empty wallet.

It is the combination of these values that define the modern Conservative Party.

And there’s something else.

After a year in which trust in Parliament has been rocked to its foundations, we know that politics must change forever.

We have to be open and transparent with the people we serve.

We need to offer a complete change from the double counting, the fiddled figures, the off balance sheet trickery, the stealth taxes and the feckless irresponsibility of the last twelve years.

We must rescue a lost generation from the jobs crisis that afflicts our country.

We must move this economy from one built on debt to one sustained by saving and investment.

The government borrowed too much.

The banks borrowed too much.

Let’s tell the truth – we all borrowed too much.

Were we the only people in the world who did this? No, we were not.

Were we the ones who did it most? Yes, we were.

Now we reap the terrible consequences.

One in five young people cannot find work.

One pound in every four the state spends goes straight on the national debt.

More of our taxes go on paying the interest on that debt than on educating our children or defending our country.

Britain cannot go on like this.

We are sinking in a sea of debt.

I believe it is a terrible mistake to claim, as Gordon Brown does, that there is a choice between getting to grips with the debt and having an economic recovery.

Of course the pace of fiscal tightening has to be determined in co-ordination with the independent Bank of England and monetary policy.

And we will create an independent Office for Budget Responsibility to hold us to our course.

But you cannot have a sustained recovery until you show the world that Britain can pay its way.

And let me tell you, the world is watching Britain at the moment.

It is casting doubt on our country’s creditworthiness.

It is questioning our resolve to deal with our debts.

And when that starts to happen, then long term interest rates rise, and international investment dries up, and businesses fail, and unemployment rises still further, and the recovery is killed stone dead.

We saw it the last time a Labour Government ran out of money.

And we must never allow our country to be dragged there again.

So we need to show political leadership and take the difficult decisions.

What a disgrace that a Chancellor who is borrowing £175 billion this year didn’t even mention it in his Conference speech.

The Prime Minister called him last week ‘a great Chancellor’, conveniently forgetting that three months ago he tried to sack him.

What does it say about Gordon Brown that he got into a trial of strength with Alistair Darling and lost.

And while we’re on the Prime Minister. This man has in front of him confidential Treasury advice that he’s got to cut spending by 10%.

What a disgrace that he spends his Conference speech unveiling a list of new unfunded spending commitments when he can’t pay for the last lot.

When he should have been giving this country a lead, he went shopping on Brighton Pier with the nation’s credit card.

The Iron Chancellor has turned into the plastic Prime Minister.

Free social care. Free hospital parking. Free childcare places.

We would all like those things. But where is the money coming from?

He is treating the British people like fools.

If you want to know why this is the least trusted government we have ever known then look at the nonsense they spouted at their Conference last week and you will have your answer.

Speaker after speaker, Prime Minister after Chancellor, said we opposed the bail out of the banks.

Do they think no one will remember our Party Conference last year in Birmingham?

That none of the journalists, let alone the audience here, would remember when David Cameron interrupted the schedule to come onto the stage and pledge the support of the opposition?

We supported the bank bailouts last autumn.

Not for political advantage, because we knew we wouldn’t get any.

We did it because David and I genuinely believed it was the right thing to do.

And all our big economic judgements come down to that.

The judgement at our Conference three years ago to tell you that we were not going to come up with a list of unfunded tax cuts.

And who doubts that was the right judgement now.

The judgement to tell the British people twelve months ago, when it wasn’t fashionable, that the cupboard was bare.

Or the judgement last November to oppose the VAT cut.

That wasn’t the easy thing to do.

You try being the Shadow Chancellor who tells the Conservative Parliamentary Party that we are going to vote against a tax cut.

But who now doubts that was the right thing to do.

For not a single government in the world followed Britain’s VAT cut.

Hardly a single major retailer thinks it worked.

David Cameron and I have always put sound money and stability ahead of everything. And who now argues against that?

This June we told the truth and said publicly that whoever won the election would have to cut government spending.

The Prime Minister told Parliament week after week that the choice was now ‘investment versus cuts’.

But the public realised the choice wasn’t cuts versus investment.

It was reality versus fantasy.

Prudence versus profligacy.

Truth versus lies.

Never has a government’s economic position collapsed more comprehensively in the face of an opposition’s argument.

We made the right call.

And if anyone still needed proof that we are now in control of the argument on the economy, it came last night.

As we have argued for months, pay restraint is necessary and the debt crisis needs addressing.

But for the Chancellor of the Exchequer to sneak out public sector pay policy in the middle of the Conservative conference, when he didn’t have the guts to announce it to the Labour Party Conference tells you that these Labour politicians are better at writing books about courage than displaying it themselves.

This is about character as well as policy.

Now we face the biggest challenge.

How to build the sort of Britain we want in the face of the largest deficit in the developed world.

Let me tell you the distinctive approach modern Conservatives will take to making that judgement.

I can’t give you the 2010 Budget in 2009.

But I want you to understand the sort of Government we will be, and the sort of decisions we will take.

First, modern Conservatives understand that we are all in this together.

There cannot be one rule for Westminster and Whitehall, and another rule for everyone else.

It is not the quantity of money saved so much as the example set.

We will cut the pay of Ministers by 5% next year and then freeze it for the rest of the Parliament.

We will cut the number of MPs by 10%.

And Parliament will be required to do what so many hard-pressed businesses have been forced to do, and close its unaffordable pension scheme to new members.

And what we ask of Westminster, we will also ask of Whitehall and its quangos.

The excessive salaries at the top have to go.

In the current climate, anyone who wishes to pay a public servant more than the Prime Minister will have to put it before the Chancellor.

I am not expecting a long queue.

The tax relief on private sector pensions is capped, so the time has come to find ways to impose a £50,000 annual cap too on the size of public sector pension payouts.

And a Conservative Britain won’t need such a huge army of regulators, inspectors and central planners second-guessing the professional judgement of every teacher, nurse and police officer.

And we won’t need a huge tier of regional government second-guessing the decisions of elected local councillors either.

I tell you today that the next Conservative Government will cut the cost of Whitehall by one third over the next Parliament.

Westminster and Whitehall subjected to the same disciplines as everyone else.

A £3 billion pound a year saving in bureaucracy alone.

We are all in this together.

Second, modern Conservatives believe in decent public services.

We know that the vast majority of families depend on them and cannot opt out.

The idea that David Cameron and any Cabinet he leads – the idea that the modern Conservative Party - would callously damage those public services is a shameful lie.

Under David’s leadership we have committed to increasing health funding each year.

We have become the Party of the NHS.

Yes, we want to reform public services.

Unless we reverse the dramatic fall in productivity over which this government has presided, one thing is certain – the frontline will suffer.

Progressive Conservative reform or Labour frontline cuts – that’s the real dividing line in British politics.

Departmental budgets will have to be set to get more for less across the public sector.

It’s what successful businesses do everyday.

This constant process of:

- rooting out waste;

- eliminating failing programmes;

- reviewing procurement;

- publishing spending information online

- increasing productivity

- ending the constant stream of pointless eye-catching initiatives;

all this will make the greatest contribution to reducing the budget deficit.

Tens of billions of pounds will have to be saved this way.

The reform of public services will be driven not just by those who manage them, but by the choices of those who use them.

We are all in this together.

Third, modern Conservatives have a huge respect for the many committed public servants.

Conservatives should never use lazy rhetoric that belittles those who are employed by the government.

Our job should be to motivate those people and get the best out of them.

But it is because we treat those who work in our public sector with respect that I want to be straight with you about the choices we face.

At a time of crisis, there is an inevitable and difficult trade off between securing jobs and restraining pay.

Anyone who tells you otherwise when the budget deficit is this big is misleading you.

It is the same trade off that has been made at British Telecom, Vodafone, Jaguar and – incidentally – Channel 4 and the Guardian.

No one should pick on public sector workers.

I will not ask them to make any sacrifice or shoulder any burden that the rest of Britain is not being asked to make.

And government must honour commitments already made.

But today I tell you in all candour that if you look at the nation’s finances.

What the Government announced yesterday will not be enough. It covers less than a fifth of the public sector workforce.

You will see that whoever wins the election is going to have to ask from 2011 each part of the public sector to accept a one year pay freeze.

We shouldn’t include public servants earning less than £18,000.

Because I don’t believe in balancing the budget on the backs of the poorest – and nor do you

Nor of course would anyone want to include those risking their lives for this country in Afghanistan – we owe them so much more.

Indeed, we should double their operational allowance.

I know it is difficult to ask such hard working people to accept this freeze.

But I want to be straight with you.

A pay freeze of the scale I’m talking about is the equivalent to saving 100,000 public sector jobs.

And I say to every public sector worker it is the best way to try to protect your job during this difficult period.

We are all in this together.

And modern Conservatism includes understanding that everyone being in it together involves the rich making their contribution too.

I am no fan of high tax rates.

We know that in the long run they destroy enterprise.

That is why we should not accept Labour’s new 50 per cent tax rate on the highest earners as a permanent feature of the tax system.

But we could not even think of abolishing the 50p rate on the rich while at the same time I am asking many of our public sector workers to accept a pay freeze to protect their jobs.

I think we can all agree that would be grossly unfair.

We will also target tax evasion and off-shore tax havens.

Remember we were the first to ask the non doms to make their fair contribution.

Everyone must pay their share.

I have a tough message to the bankers too.

The support from the taxpayer when you needed it most was there to prop up your banks not your bank accounts.

Don’t forget that.

I hope the new international rules work.

It is the best solution.

But if we find the money that should be going into stronger bank balance sheets is being unreasonably diverted into bigger pay and bonuses - we reserve the right to take further action and that includes using the tax system.

I have given you a fair warning.

For I believe in the free market not a free ride.

And I believe we are all in this together.

But none of this will work unless we do something else modern Conservatives believe.

We will never mend our broken public finances unless we start to fix our broken society.

The cost of broken families and broken communities is paid for by every hard working taxpayer.

That is why we are going to support marriage in the tax and benefit system.

That is why, as you heard yesterday, we are going to devote an enormous effort to help the unemployed and get Britain working.

Along with our reforms to incapacity benefit, we also have to take a realistic look at the benefits the rest of society receives.

We will preserve child benefit, winter fuel payments and free TV licenses. They are valued by millions.

But quite frankly child trust funds have not been as successful as many like myself hoped.

We should continue paying them to the poorest families who often have no savings, and encourage them to use them more – but, let me tell you today, handing out new baby bonds to the rest of the country is a luxury we can no longer afford.

And I can also tell you today, we can no longer justify paying means tested tax credits to families with incomes over £50,000.

A modern Conservative Government will not ask from anyone what it is not prepared to ask from everyone.

Here’s one more part of the modern Conservative approach to putting Britain back on the right financial track.

We want to turn an economy that borrows into one that saves.

At every stage we will support the culture of saving, and for those who show responsibility for themselves and others.

Encouraging savings is why I made my promise that only millionaires would pay inheritance tax.

Of course this financial crisis means it cannot be a priority for our first Budget, but in the lifetime of a Parliament we will honour that pledge.

A savers society is our ambition.

So we are going to stop more and more pensioners being driven onto the means test.

Let me affirm today that in the next Parliament we resolve to restoring the earnings link for the basic state pension.

That means a more generous state pension for all.

But this is another one of those trade-offs any honest government has to confront.

All parties accept that to afford that with an ageing population, the state pension will have to rise.

The women’s pension age is already set to start rising over the next decade to 65. And by 2026 the pension age for men and women will reach 66.

This is already happening.

But most experts – including Lord Turner who made this recommendation – now think that is too far off.

So we will hold the review which Turner’s Report itself proposed and which this government has never held.

Our aim will be to bring forward the date when the pension age rises.

This already is happening in Germany, in Holland and in Australia

We will ensure that no increase will happen until the second half of the next decade – in the Parliament after next.

For men this means the pension age will not start to rise to 66 until at least 2016.

For women this means the pension age will not start to rise from 65 to 66 until at least 2020.

No one who is a pensioner today, or approaching retirement soon, will be affected.

But this is how we can afford increasing the basic state pension for all.

One final thing on a saving society.

I today set this ambition for a future Conservative Government.

It’s an ambition we will only be able to fulfil when we have got on top of the deficit.

It’s an ambition that may well take more than one parliament to achieve.

Gordon Brown’s disastrous tax raid on pensions heralded the start of the age of irresponsibility.

So today I say we will reverse the effects of Gordon Brown’s pensions tax raid and get our country saving again.

That saving will fund investment – investment in real business.

I want to talk very directly to the people at home.

Conservatives have been straight with you today:

- A bigger state pension each year for all paid for by an increase in the pension age of one year

- A one year public sector pay freeze, that does not apply to the lowest paid, in order to protect the jobs of 100,000 people working in frontline public services

- Tackling Britain’s debt crisis to stop higher interest rates and higher unemployment for all

These are the honest choices in the world in which we live and we have made them today.

Anyone who tells you these choices can be avoided is not telling you the truth.

We are all in this together.

Friends, I have done this job for more than four years.

I have done it when no one trusted our Party with the economy, and I do it now when we have earned that trust and when the expectations of millions rest on our shoulders.

I have learned many things along the way.

Trust your values.

Don’t just follow the crowd, or you will end up lost.

Accept there will be hard knocks.

Understand that with the opponents we face, it will only get more personal the more desperate they become.

Above all over the last four years I have learned that you have say the true things that need saying or not bother doing the job at all.

That is what I have done today.

In the new era of politics which we have entered into, after what Parliament has been through this year, nothing else is possible.

I have got two young children.

I want a prosperous Britain where my children can be everything they can be.

I want an optimistic Britain where my children can be part of a strong, tolerant, generous society.

I want my children to think that our generation paid off its debts, valued its savers, rewarded responsibility, invested in their future.

And because I want it for my children, I want it for your children too.

I want it for everyone’s children.

Because we are all in this together.

We changed the Conservative Party to be ready for this moment.

So that when the moment came, people would see us fit to govern.

People would trust us with public services.

People would join us to fix the broken society.

And people would turn to us to lead the economy out of crisis.

We changed the Conservative Party so that:

to a country that says it is time for a change;

we can say we are ready to make the change.

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The Radio Four Theme (the UK in happier times)

BBC Radio Four Theme sadly no longer broadcast due to the vindictive 14-year-olds first jobbers (all having to work until aged 66! Ha Ha) with the attention span of a gnat, running BBC Radio Four these days, (bitter? Me Bitter? No, not a bit of it!) but this should have been the theme music for the Conservative Conference in Manchester as it was designed to reflect the UK in happier more solvent times. As you sit blagging time off the free wi-fi at the Conservative Conference, plug in your headphones, close your eyes and think of England...well for four minutes anyway.

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Best wishes for a speedy recovery to Betsy Duncan-Smith

At a fringe meeting last night held by Iain Duncan Smith's Commission on Social Justice,the audience was told that IDS couldn't attend because his wife Betsy had been undergoing chemotherapy yesterday - for cancer that was diagnosed in June.
Indeed IDS may not be able to attend the Manchester conference at all this year as, quite understandably, he is looking after his wife.

This must be particulary distressing for Betsy and Iain. I particularly want to send my sincere best wishes for a speedy and lasting recovery to Betsy whom I met and had many delightful conversations during parents evenings at our own sons Prep.School. Weeven managed to sneak away for a glass of wine from the Heads Study Bar on Sports Day whilst IDS was pacing up and down the sports field in his distinctive Panama Hat! Daughter of an Admiral, Betsy during the brief time we shared together was beautiful, bright, funny and witty. Totally devoted to Iain as he is to her.

Julian Bray

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Never work with animals or children or if in Manchester this week, a 21st Century version of Private Eyes' celebrated Lord Strobes. A massive video background.

Unknown to Conservative conference delegates inside the former Manchester Central Railway Terminus, and seated well back from the pixelated video screen, images re-transmitted in close-up on broadcast television, strobed so much that many viewers complained of headaches and epileptic fitting if they watched the BBC Parliament feed for too long.

The warning messages to the organisers by e-mail and twitter on the special #cpc09 hashtag seemed to go unheeded as the old Tory warhorse Ken Clarke mounted the stage. Ideally a small blank panel immediately behind the lecturn and speaker would inexpensively solve the problem and could be 'knocked up within the hour' by one of the new training apprentices, our furture Government is seeking to intrduce. But that would be too easy and a massive loss of face for the set designer!
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Letterman takes love your staff to new levels

The US TV networks have pulled this video from you-tube, enjoy it whilst you can. Gives a whole new meaning to the title of his own production company Worldwide Pants being retitled WZUP - Worldwide Zipped Up Pants

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Paddington Train Crash - a decade on,,,

Haunted by horrors of Paddington

The Paddington London (Ladbroke Grove) rail crash claimed the lives of 31 people and happened exactly ten years ago today (Monday October 5)

A lightweight Thames commuter train and a Great Western express train impacted outside London, killing 31 people and injuring more than 400 others, survivors are marking the anniversary of the disaster with a special service of rememberance.

The inexperienced driver of the Thames commuter train, had accelerated through a red signal which, an inquiry later decided, was hard to see and had been "passed at danger" seven times before.

At 0811 BST on Monday, exactly 10 years after the Paddington rail crash, survivors will join relatives of those who died at the memorial to the disaster in Ladbroke Grove.

My own involvement with what came to be known as the Paddington Train Crash was to get a phone call from the major burns unit at the specialist East Grinstead NHS hospital. Beds had been cleared. Day cases deferred and they were expecting some 40 serious burns victims from the Paddington crash.

As with every major incident someone has to handle the media enquiries and East Grinstead at the time did not have an in-house Media facility, Within 2 hours I had assembled a team. sourced and installed the hardware, and created from scratch a media response unit just in time as the press calls came in and camera crews with scanner trucks, assembled outside.

What struck me was the way the 'Major Incident Plan' [MIP], swung into action. Dedicated wall cabinets in each department held the MIP master plan as it related to that department, armbands, identity tabards and paperwork.

I've produced several such incident manuals for airlines and disaster relief organisations but never until that time actually seen the plan activated from medical professionals standpoint.

For BBC Radio News, IRN and several Fleet Street newspapers, I reported all through the UK mainland IRA bombing campaign and had witnessed the results at first hand. The dedicated professionalism of all the front line services is something we tend to take for granted, in which case a very big thank you from all of us!

For Publication CREDITLINE: Julian Bray MCIPR NUJ
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Ford Motor Company of America to the Rescue

Ford Motor Company of America to the Rescue: Peterborough, England, Schoolboy presented with professional kit for Mechanics Classes

Like most teenagers, Josh Smith adds to his pocket money and saves by doing an early morning paper delivery round, he helps out his family and also tries to find the funds to get fully kitted out for sports, fishing and his mechanics class at Stanground College, Peterborough. Cambridgeshire, England,

During this recession and for a long time to come, times will be tough for many British teenagers and adults alike, future employment prospects will remain bleak for the untrained. For this reason Josh Smith, 15, thinks his mechanics classes are extra special; anything to do with engines and what makes them work is his passion. He intends to qualify in a few years time as a professional mechanic, but already helps the racing teams at Peterborough Speedway.

Still too young to pass his UK driving test, Josh is equally passionate about motor cars. He was disappointed to be told by his teachers that for ‘health and safety’ reasons, he must buy an expensive full set of mechanics overalls, rather than the old clothes he’s been wearing for his mechanics class. He’d saved money from his newspaper delivery round, but that was already earmarked to renovate his bicycle which had been repeatedly vandalised and badly in need of new tyres, lights and brakes!

Indeed the bike had got so bad that he would regularly ask Julian Bray, one of his early morning newspaper delivery customers in Stanground, if he could borrow an air pump to stall a slow puncture.

On hearing Josh Smiths’ plight and fearing that he might be barred from the mechanics class for the want of some overalls, Julian Bray contacted the mighty Ford Motor Company in the USA, asking if they could help out? Immediately John J. Nens, Director Global Brand Licensing Office Marketing, Sales & Service together with Fords’ International PR & Social Media Director Scott Monty offered to see what could be done.

Within days they sourced from the USA Ford Collection ( www.fordcollection.com ) a set of ‘Built FORD Tough’ professional coveralls and had them express airfreighted by Fedex within three days to Josh in Peterborough, England.

Julian Bray commented: “During the winter and throughout the year, Josh without fail every morning delivers our newspapers, even when we were snowed in and other delivery services cancelled. He’s hard working, always cheerful and a real credit to young people, I’m really delighted he’s now fully kitted out with these professional overalls and can properly and safely enjoy his mechanics class. I am equally pleased that Ford Motor Company in America answered this call and very impressed by the speed and generosity of their response”

The City of Peterborough, England has a long association with mechanical and automotive engineering. Henry Royce was born in the City and later formed the iconic Motor car company with Charles Rolls. Perkins diesel engines are also located within the City,

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The Brown Out Began Here...

You may wish to store this video somewhere safe!



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Where did you go wrong Baroness Young?

Where did you go wrong Baroness Young?

It struck me that with all the talk of fighting and change at Labours' Brighton Bash and more to come with the Tories I dug out an open letter to Baroness Young which hopefully she left behind for her sucessor as Chair of the Environment Agency. You have to realise that the Baroness, a very busy woman by all accounts, never did respond to letters but hopefully the youing turks in the Tory Party will see the value of doing something positive and practical about flooding and pollution in general, rather than just chatting about it whilst houses fall into the sea.

Dear Baroness Young,Former Chair of the UK Environment Agency:
In response to your interview in The Daily Telegraph.
As an ex-environment agency foot soldier circa in the year 2000. I am increasingly worried not about the flooding, but over your own view as to what is going on. You seem to be retreating to your upper (safe from all forms of flood risk) floor Millbank Towers eyrie and safe from the real world.

You say that you lie awake at night worrying about our cities and so you should. It is a wonder that you are still in post but you were the vice chairman of the BBC Governors and true to BBC tradition, obviously a resignation was out of the question and so ideally suited for the Environment Agency but you might like to take on board some of the remedial strategies as designed for the BBC and proffered by Jeff Randall earlier in the week.

Far from distancing any thoughts of building further on flood plains, you endorsed Yvette Coopers crazy and dangerous plans to build on them but of course provided they are built properly???? Baroness, building on a flood plain,any flood plain, will increase flooding however you put the spin on it.

You know this but you offer the amazing advice that electrics should come in at upper floor level ( and sockets at ground floor ceiling level? And waterproof finishes on the ground floor. You did say that didn’t you so its carte blanche for flooding in the future.

It was at the start of your tenure in the year 2000, you urged us all to back ‘the men on the sluice gate.’ It was then your main battle cry. You were equally aware way back then, flooding was a major issue – you told us so - equally you impressed on us all that the environment agency had many other more urgent high visibility matters to worry about.

Did you actually know what was happening during your watch? There was the constant squabble for bigger and better cars, team leaders would move up a grade and get a better car. Support local industries so the EA renews its Toyotas and foreign 4WD trucks every twelve months. Ensure that EA has not one but at least three external public relations agencies working on a rota basis; when you have armies of experienced but hogtied, frustrated PR and corporate communications teams at each regional headquarters. This resulted in many going on long term sick leave, but the headcount, if you get my drift, remained the same.

There were countless grand openings, for sluices and locks and some minor engineering works, why the Environment Agency even owns a PUBLIC HOUSE at Boston!

Activities countering Pollution, fly tipping, global warming issues, prosecuting water companies (brilliant for extra press and media exposure) and other transgressors, handing out fishing licences. And for good measure the odd bit of reed cutting.

You had however given up on dredging activities to the levels that the National Rivers Authority once thought were essential and told your staff that many coastal properties would not be defended.

You demanded that people in flood sensitive areas had to physically register with the EA in order to get a tlephone warning that flooding was imminent. The system became so discredited that at one point the Met. Office, BBC and ITV during weather bulletins refused to carry your telephone numbers and even today the BBC and the met office still direct those at risk to their own websites for information.
Some water companies prefer to get their flood information directly from the Met Office direct rather than the EA, including Severn Trent . You knew that if we didn’t spend our year on year budget to the hilt it would be cut the following year, you knew that the existing flood defence budget was being underspent and under manned.

You demanded the flood defence teams to hold back as the administrators insisted that every other year new office furniture, interoffice video conferencing systems and regularly upgraded computer systems were prime essentials. You insisted on an ever increasing number of administrators to be employed and write reports, produce mountains of publications that will never be read, could not be verified and will be outdated in a few months. Rather than throw them out they are stored away from prying eyes. But you have to admit your policy is working even that David Cameron thinks the Environment Agency is physically involved in flood defence but in reality the EA does very little; more a luxury advisory service.

You spend mountains of money on team building and receptions at luxury hotels, in fact the administrators number many thousand when there is just 1,600 working directly on flood defence work so take out the administrators and that leaves around 800 who actually get their feet wet in raw stinking sewage. Admittedly you’ve drafted in some extra bodies but they although employed by the EA know precious little about flood defence work and none have ever physically got their hands dirty or their feet wet.

We knew back in the year 2000 that the mobile transportable flood barrier was a public relations exercise and would make good media pictures and newsreel footage. We even employed a bunch of clowns a so called ad.agency based in London called Circus but in reality the assembled EA Press officers found out they were anything but funny and in fact would tell us all how to approach the whole flood question.

It involved little model sandbags as giveaways for the proess , specially printed environmentally friendly notepaper (with a picture of a toy coloured sandbag) and a metal stamped floodline Key fob.

You blamed the drainage systems, in fact you blamed everyone - I suggest – to deflect attention away from the EA as all the other response services, water companies and utilities have just got on with it or turned their backs on the EA. Norfolk Constabulary refused to physically warn people at risk in rural Norfolk citing manpower shortages, the Met Office pushed their own weather forecasting services, as this was a brilliant commercial revenue earner and really wanted little to do with the EA.

The call centres on the 0845 number and the flood centres could not cope either with call volumes and the flood centres were consistently behind the times as the EA was consistently late in issuing warnings, so that when warnings were issued it was time to run upstairs, grab the dog and cat and wait for the RAF rescue helicopter.

My remedy? Strip out the whole former Rivers Authority function from DEFRA and the EA, set up a new national body controlling all aspects of water supply, regulation of foreign own private water companies and utilities processing, coast and inland waterways, flood prevention first then defence. Increase physical man power on the sluice gates dredging and red cutting getting our waterways back to 1970’s levels and ensuing that already laid down government standards are achieved and not the lesser standards introduced by the EA. All this will cost £1 Billion for a period of 8 years or put another way the same amount that Ruth Kelly (now departed) is wanting to spend….on railway carriages.

Yours sincerely Julian Bray ex Environment Agency

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