Who messed up the Software ???

Wrapping up the Miliband ..... A labour of Bruv. Unrequited.

Who's the Dummy Now? Was Archie Andrews with Peter Brough 
or even Wallace, the Miliband prototype?

Followers of my Twitter stream will have known for days that David Miliband was set to pack up his tent if 'knife-in-the-back' younger bruv. Red Ed. donned the Labour Leader mantle. I was tipped off by a close member of the family who was not that displeased to see how things have turned out.

The same source also tipped me off about Gordon Browns mental state many months before the Red Tops (see how easy the red tag fits?) fell out of El Vinos in Fleet Street to write up the story (the Velvin Claret is excellent!).

BA Heathrow Crash Hero belately rejoins airline

Julian Bray, Aviation Expert comments: "I am delighted to hear that a true hero airline pilot who saved a British Airways plane from disaster but was then cruelly forced to quit over rumours about his handling of the incident is rejoining the airline".

"Captain Peter Burkill, 45, and his co-pilot John Coward avoided catastrophe by safely crash-landing a 152-passenger BA Boeing 777 at Heathrow airport in January 2008 after the aircraft suffered,, as I predicted at the time a major catastrophic failure which effectively cut fuel to the jet engines. Without Burkill and Coward making the right split-second call and gliding in the striken aircraft manually there could have been a fireball and massive loss of life within the boundaries of Heathrow Airport.

New RMS Titanic claims just not credible says Julian Bray

The claims surrounding the actions of officers on board RMS Titanic by fiction writer Lady Patten is just that – fiction claims Media Expert and Marine Lecturer Julian Bray. According to Patten and her claims widely reported in the national press, the helmsman knew about the iceberg in good time but turned the ship the wrong way due to a mistake over steering instructions. The author claims that her Grandfather Second Officer Charles Lightoller covered up the errors in two inquiries and that his widow after Lightoller died in 1953 kept the secret fearing that it would ruin her husbands reputation. Only she later confided in the Lady Patten.

The facts are that Second Officer Lightollers reputation was pretty well ruined and none of the officers on RMS Titannic ever commanded a ship again. Lightoller did however purchase his own small ship and this was involved in the evacuation of troops from Dunkirk with all the other small ships Those who survived were all broken men. Lightoller didn’t issue binoculars to the crows nest lookout and they remained at all times locked in a cabinet, with Lightoller holding the key. http://tinyurl.com/pknlxn

CBI adviser is just so out of touch says Media Expert Julian Bray

CBI stark advice: "Doors to manual"               Photo: Rex Features

CBI and its chief economic adviser Ian McCafferty, is so out of touch says Media Expert Julian Bray. The CBI says the coalition government must ‘support a healthy private sector recovery’ but in order to do this the Treasury needs to claw back sufficent revenues to offer support or borrow substantial sums to keep CBI members in the cossetted way they have enjoyed over the last 13 years.

"It really is a bit rich for someone like the CBI to have a grandly titled  'Chief Economic Advisor' who is ignoring all the current economic indicators to suggest Government increases spending as if Gordon Brown had been returned to power with a mandate to plunder all remaining Government funds. The simple truth is that CBI members have become bloated and uncompetitive whilst foreign firms, China in particular has creamed off all the major manufacturing jobs and delivering quality products at a fraction of the price, duty paid and delivered to the UK.  Until the CBI recognises that its own house has to be put in order first they should not be putting a series of spurious road blocks in the way of the Coalition Governments spending reduction plans," Julian Bray added.

The background is Britain's leading employers' organisation has urged George Osborne to cut universal welfare benefits and consider ending final salary pensions for public sector workers to shield big infrastructure projects from planned austerity measures.

Voicing its concern over the impact of the government's spending cuts on growth, the CBI said the Coalition Treasury should make a priority of capital spending, R&D and skills. It said it was vital for the long-term health of the economy that work continued on London's Crossrail projects and the Underground upgrades and put pressure on Osborne to think again about the slowdown in infrastructure spending.

The chancellor's mix of tax increases and spending cuts envisages capital spending growing by just over 1% in the coming years (it grew at over 2% under Labour), but Ian McCafferty, CBI chief economic adviser, said: "Given the very high returns that new infrastructure offers, the planned cuts to net public sector investment are a concern. Public sector capital investment should be returned to 2.25% of GDP as soon as possible. We also need to invest in building up our knowledge and skills base as this will help boost our competitiveness."

The Battle of Britain - Victory, 70 years ago today!

Visit the IWMduxford website: http://www.duxford.iwm.org.uk/
in 1940 one of the Battle of Britain Aerodromes
It falls to my generation (the immediate post war baby boomers) to pause and pay tribute to the airmen, groundcrews of the Royal Air Force and legions of wartime workers; because seventy years ago today (September 15 1940), the mighty German Luftwaffe (despite a day of really heavy bombing raids over London and the south coast of England) sustained substantial losses.

As a result, the once mighty Luftwaffe was forced to concede. The Royal Air Force had won the Battle of Britain. Certainly German bombing raids would continue for months to come but Great Britain was assured that Hitlers Operation Sealion would never see the light of day.

So a fitting tribute, and to my Dad. Flt. Lt. Reg Bray RAF Rtd. I can belatedly confirm the entrance to Civitaveccia – the Port for Rome – is still missing one of its iconic round towers at the entrance to the port. A case of the RAF remodelling one of Hitlers main supply routes and a little known long distance foray for the RAFs mosquito ‘night stalker’ fighter aircraft.

Contributor: Media & Aviation Expert Julian Bray
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Catbin woman Mary works for Royal Bank of Scotland...
scene of crime streetview photo

The phoney war in terms of the dire financial morass this country finds itself in is alive and well, but shamefully Her Majestys Opposition  is still clinging on the illusory financial genius of Gordon James Brown, alleged to be an MP in this current parliament but rarely seen brooding on the back benches these days. I say shameful as it's clear that now the ball has been taken away and  the money box emptied. The opposition just will not play ball with the new coalition government and is content to sulk no matter what the fiancial damage to the electorate is. It is as if Labour collectively is wielding a big stick to hit the voter for not voting them back for a further term.

Whatever the failings of the last Government, and the list is very long, time is fast running out to turn this country around. It won't be done on service industries and it certainly won't be on the back of casino banking. People need jobs, proper jobs, jobs create products, products then need to be sold and all this requires funding.

This is where the logical progression stops, Banks now cynically use ultra low interbank rates as a vehicle for adding to their individual capital requirements, not easing the lending block, essentially building a blood bank but not actually allowing any tranfusions to take place, the result is the patient dies but the blood bank thrives and builds another store. It would also be part of the bankers operating licence to maintain a minimum level of lending to business . If lending slips below a certain level the licence gets pulled.


Commenting on today's report by the Civil Aviation Authority's Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) into a near miss between a Turkish Boeing 777 airliner and a business jet over London City Airport, the British Airline Pilots' Association (BALPA) said that there needs to be improved co-ordination between the London City Airport departures and London Heathrow arrivals (the Turkish airliner was to land there).

BALPA's Captain Martin Alder said: 'We don't have appropriate "failsafe" co-ordination at the moment for the unique aspects of this operation. It could best be achieved by redrawing the London City airport departures or alternatively not permitting London City to act independently.'

The AAIB report says tha the two aircraft were 200 ft apart in height and only half a mile apart when avoidance action was taken.

'It is important to emphasise,' Captain Alder went on, 'that pilots have available a collision avoidance system on the flight deck and this correctly caught the error before disaster could ensue.
'Well trained pilots are the essential element of a safe air transport industry.'

Aviation expert Julian Bray added:  "In reality the two pilots do have collision avoidance systems to fall back on but in busy aircaft corridors they should not have to rely on these measures even for one minute. It cannot be beyond the wit of man to ensure that all airports run as a fully co-ordinated systems even if the owners are in competition and possibly do not see eye to eye or see other airports as commercial rivals.

"Air safety is not a cash or financial issue, airlines and airport operators go into this business knowing that safety of both staff and passengers cannot under any cicumstances be compromised and that all costs to supply a level of safety are part of operational cost budgets and not subject to savings or culling."

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What is the matter with the City of Peterborough on a Friday Night? Has the big double dip recession hit us already? Just been to see what has to be one of the most professional song and dance shows, Jordan Productions (in association with Eastbourne Theatres) touring “Gotta Sing Gotta Dance” the choreographer must be the ultimate professional theatrical bastard, for what he/she managed to get out of the seven strong ensemble chorus and cast would grace any West End or Broadway stage, writes Julian Bray.

Strong singing, jazz dance, hitting ALL the notes from high opera to a bass baritone, that was just the female blonde lead! We had frenetic dance, superb Bob Fosse style punishing tap dance routines, rock, comedy, pop, musicals, even a Starlight Express style roller skating sequence, not forgetting an Evita to die for.

A proper live pit orchestra (but located back stage) made up of ‘session’ musicians , a superb lighting plot, over 50 musicals represented in 2 hours and even a dip into Madness. Suggs eat your heart out (that’s a fiver you owe me, I’ll pick it up at the ‘French’ Pub in Soho, London).

I say what is the matter with the City of Peterborough and for that matter the Vivacity quango, that has somehow sat on and decimated the Key Theatre marketing effort and meshed it in with libraries, swimming pools, creches, the Cathedral Square kibbled onion smelling mobile Hamburger van (dead classy, nice touch, but could be wrong on that one..), litter picks, naff free street entertainment and anything else to make the Vivacity quangoette look busy with our money. Oh add in the £6 million fountains (all dug up and fenced off again this week as they leak!) It’s just not working chaps!

MPs shun Afghanistan debate

I really think that our new intake of politicians need a reality check. The House of Commons was packed for the debate on phone hacking (very simple two phones first dials the target number, to engage phone circuit, the second also dials target number, get to voicemail, then punch in factory preset pin codes(70% of posh people and celebs don't bother to change the factory set pin code!!) As soon as the dedbate ended and the more serious matter of Afghanistan was being debated, the chamber emptied!!!!! This was helpfully broadcast live on BBC Parliament. I can just see Bin Laden withhis Sky Remote handset taking all this in.

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All at Sea - Coulson heading for choppy waters...

Contributor: Media & Aviation Expert Julian Bray SKYPE: Julian.Bray.UK Landline: 01733 345581 Mobile: 07944 217476 ISDN2 down line ++44(0)1733 555 319 (Broadcasters) G722 & APT-X Dual Codecs GlensoundC5



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Adrian Childes pipped by Daybreak,The Movie - Priceless!

Contributor: Julian Bray SKYPE: Julian.Bray.UK Landline: 01733 345581

Contributor: Media & Media Expert Julian Bray SKYPE: Julian.Bray.UK Landline: 01733 345581 Mobile: 07944 217476

The Coulson collar may still be felt says Julian Bray media pundit

Coulson 'happy to meet police' over phone-hack claims
London: Sept 6 2010  In a dramatic turnaround Downing Street communications chief Andy Coulson has told police that he would be happy to meet them voluntarily to discuss fresh phone-hacking allegations. Friends stressed that Coulson had not been contacted by police, but a spokesman for the former News of the World editor said he would be prepared to co-operate with Scotland Yard following claims by ex-NoW journalist Sean Hoare.

Julian Bray media expert commented: "In reality Coulson has little option, the allegations from former NoW journalist Sean Hoare are very precise and detailed. In an attempt to defuse the situation Coulson has said he will go voluntarily to a police station to answer questions. He would be well advised to take a top media solicitor or two with him. The interview may well be under caution and if Coulson is implicated it could  create a domino effect on the basis that if Coulson did know then many subordinates would also know. It has to be said that to finance such allegedly widespread phone tapping or digital evesdropping isn't cheap, it needs specialist equipment and experts to run the system, others to prepare the reports and further down the line sub- editors and journalists to cobble the whole story together. So the final numbrs implicated could well run into dozens and many of those tained with the allegations have now moved on and some like Coulson into positions of great power and influence. The mind really boggles!"

MP's in new 'wifebeater' outrage...

Spare a thought for our hard pressed Members of Parliament, having to return to work early, housing allowances cut, first class train travel now has to be paid for and no more moat, duckhouses or in the case of Stewart Jackson MP for Peterborough (well part of it anyway) his swimming pool expenses.

After a hard few minutes lolling around on the back benches, just enough to register an attendance mark on the register, a couple of tweets on the blackberry and ritual 'braying' (no relation) in response to a coalition speech on the  values of straight bananas and its a quick walk to one of the Palace of Westminsters many watering holes (bars and cafes to our overseas readers).

Whist we mortals on the outside will now pay nearly £3 (US$ 4:50) for a pint of session (weak strength) real ale draught beer, our elected MP's will still be able to buy a pint or two of 'wifebeater' for £3:05 -at the new inceased prices - inside Westminster!

I should explain that many pubs and clubs now refuse to serve 'wifebeater' or Stella Artois on draught as it is not only a very strong lager beer, but leads in some cases to extreme domestic violence ie. wife beating.

Its no joke, the chemical composition of Stella is known for it. Indeed at a pub I once had a commercial interest in, located in the deepest countryside, for a while we actually had one regular who begged the staff not to serve him Stella Artois, all the staff were duly briefed and whilst we held that licence, the chap was never served a pint of the stuff.

As soon as we had sold on the pub, the new inexperienced managers,  lifted the self imposed ban and within weeks all the historic acid etched glass windows were smashed in, during a bar wide brawl, several police cars and ambulances called. All down to 'wifebeater' which should to my mind be withdrawn from sale, anywhere in the UK.

Don't get me wrong, some strong lager beers IN MODERATION are reasonably OK but there is something about Stella Artois ON DRAUGHT  brings out the beast in some people.

A Glass of wine would be better...

It would also be interesting to find out to what degree 'wifebeater' is consumed in the bars and cafes by our politicians and see how this relates to their work output and domstic arrangements.  

One can only hope that William Hague MP is not a fan, we can check his and all other MP's dedication to the political task in hand by referencing  www.theyworkforyou.com  or if they are indeed permanently manic, subject to attacks of the red mist with 'wifebeating' rage to follow.


Contributor: Media Expert Julian Bray SKYPE: Julian.Bray.UK Landline: 01733 345581 Mobile: 07944 217476 ISDN2 down line ++44(0)1733 555 319 (Broadcasters) G722 & APT-X Dual Codecs GlensoundC5

Hague Ordeal by Sunday Papers

Just wait until they want to take a bath!

Usually reliable sources have just suggested a certain UK Sunday Newspaper has come into possession of "a file of early photographs" and an "early video format tape" relating to William Hague and another.

This new development probably underlines the narrow carefully worded focus of Mr Hagues written statement and his unwillingness to personally comment further on the multiple shared hotel rooms saga. Julian Bray Veteran PR Consultant / Media Expert comments: "A refusal by Hague to properly set out all the issues in a face to face on-the-record interview will ensure this story rolls on and on. Better to get all the skeletons (if any) out of the cupboard and into the public arena. The way politics is going, Hague should do this sooner rather than later."

Contributor:  Julian Bray SKYPE: Julian.Bray.UK Landline: 01733 345581 Mobile: 07944 217476 ISDN2 down line ++44(0)1733 555 319 (Broadcasters) G722 & APT-X Dual Codecs GlensoundC5

Hague Latest: ‘if only they knew the truth…

Julian Bray Media Expert writes:

You really have to wonder about the quality of advice being dished out to our political leaders, William Hague in particular, and the extreme lengths they will go to 'kill' a particular story. The daft thing is that the very full statement (issued as a spoiler for the Blair 'Revenge' tome?) raises a few extra questions, and now ensures that every person in the land and millions more on the internet, 'social meeja' now knows that there is 'no smoke without fire' and that William Hague is currently sitting on a huge mile high bonfire and fanning the flames with self-generated methane.

Nowhere in the statement are the words "sexuality", "homosexual", "gay", "lover" or other descriptive nouns for a sexual act or acts.  So even The Daily Telegraph Sub-Editor adding the lead picture headline Hague: 'I have never had a gay affair' is so wrong because the carefully but wrongly worded written press statement (in full below) simply does not deny any gay affair !

Unlike Bill (oh another 'B') Clintion who said 'I did not have sex with that woman'...err no Bill! Apparently the interns uncleaned dress (with alleged semen) remains locked up in a bank vault somewhere. Why?

The statement contains blatent untruths:  "... is any suggestion that I have ever been involved in a relationship with any man." So that would rule out his Dad! Brothers (if any, I don't care), Cousins, Uncles and so on?

You see how silly this is, the PR numptie or more likely the closeted lawyer who drafted the press statement, has tried to skirt around the word SEX and in the process given the 'red tops' and SkyNews enough material to keep them going until Christmas ---2013.

Just how bad this is, I actually find myself as a veteran international PR practitioner, for the first time ever, actually agreeing with the Beatles former Press Agent [NO he wasn't - Ed!] Max Clifford (truly the founding fathers of the Institute of Public Relations in the UK and my career mentors, all now deceased, must be spinning in their celestial press release lined caskets!).

It also doesn't help that Christopher Myers who occasionally (ie more than once) SHARED TWIN HOTEL ROOMS with multi-millionaire William Hague, has flounced off (sorry resigned) and it only needs one tabloid picture of Myers in a 'clinch' with a new homosexual (there, I've said it) partner and William 'B' Hague is political toast. I however doubt if he will be in post by Christmas.....  

Hague Statement IN FULL

“I feel it is necessary to issue this personal statement in response to press and internet speculation over the last ten days. Earlier this year a Sunday newspaper began questioning whether my marriage to

Brown Bonkers? We told you so! YEARS AGO!

Its not only Blair that has a drink problem. Eh, Piers?

Brown, Mental or What?

Saatchi know that Brown under pressure will lash out, become unstable and thrash around. The tories are also fully aware of Browns deteriorating medical and mental history, as is the rest of the Westminster Village. Putting relentless direct pressure on Brown through a series of single issue hard hitting posters, viral internet and social media campaigns coupled with a few good old fashioned press and tv appearances means that however heavily Brown applies the panstick the cracks will show through on that well lived in and very tired face.

How stressed out Brown is can be deduced from the fact that Tony Blair has been roped in, pity he was somewhat orange and mega expensively suited and booted. It didn't go down too well with the breadline daytime unemployed making up much of the daytime TV news profile.



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