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Oh Sandy you're NO lady....

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Julian Bray writes:  I'm pleased that we have managed to dramatically highlight the plight of the UK (and Brazilian - don't ask) contingent of New York Marathon runners on American News Networks, the marathon is due to take place on Sunday - yes this Sunday. The UK runners need to be confirmed on a 'plane to NYC on Friday, the organisers say its still on, so does a NYC councillor, I contacted directly via Twitter earlier today.... fingers crossed, and the best of luck to all! 

Having said all that we now have confirmation from a reliable source that a quantity of hushed electric generator sets have been withdrawn from the marathon event and diverted to emergency power resources. What is a worry is that our source confirms the movement order was cancelled 'as the event isn't going off' Our local sources say the build up i.e. the finish line stand and tents are being built, but only a cynic would suggest that in order to underline the decision to pull the event, a lot of positive PR can be gained if the sponsors boards are all over the news networks before they are put back on the trucks, NYT seems to be onto it as well.  

Latest: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/10/31/sports/new-york-marathon-officials-determining-storms-effect-on-race.html?nl=todaysheadlines&_r=0

Meanwhile our thoughts are with America tonight..  Our picture shows cars submerged at the entrance to a parking garage in New York’s Financial District in the aftermath of superstorm Sandy, Tuesday, Oct. 30, 2012.

Cars are submerged at the entrance to a parking garage in New York’s Financial District in the aftermath of superstorm Sandy, Tuesday, Oct. 30, 2012.    Picture courtesy AP

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Sir Jimmy Savile, Max Clifford rains on the party as Johnny Beerling has walk on part...

 Its called – continuity – and free publicity in the TV trade!

It was all going so well, the police worked out an arrest strategy with Gary Glitter (Paul Gadd) who now lives in London, near the top of the list, and a long line of aging Disc Jockeys, Television Grandees including Wil D'eath and retired production staff of all grades, plus the entire pensioned off inmates of Brinsworth House - the luvvies retirement home -  were in the frame to be grilled by the police teams, looking into the serial sexual harassment and rape related activities, of the now disgraced (and belatedly disowned by his relatives) Sir Jimmy Savile. 

So what went wrong? Two words MAX CLIFFORD, we all fell for it. To be fair a master stroke from the canny self styled PR Guru (I’d prefer old time Press Agent) Max, all tanned and well groomed, standing in the garden – just to the left of his Bentley - of his well appointed country residence.

We’ve seen this ploy before – the garden interview that is. Last time it was cheating footballers, in the middle of Summer, but this weekends effort, when the weather had dived to near freezing, but Max ever the professional, still wore the same sunny outfit as seen on TV before  – its called – continuity – in the TV trade!

Max has small but expensive offices in Central London, the walls lined with framed newspaper headings, but to show off his clients, and to make a sales pitch to new ‘worried’ clients. It proves he is the king of media hype, just watch the rat pack and assorted TV  News companies traipse down to the MC country pile. The phones in his office then do ring off the hook.

It very nearly came off Max, you really had us all fooled. The script was almost the same as he used for previous garden ‘live TV News  pieces to camera’  “I’ve had lots of worried pop stars, phoning me up all week and I expect many more will do so in the coming weeks.”

For ‘pop stars’ substitute ‘footballers’ -  ‘managers’ – ‘politicians’- even hamsters. It’s all money in the bank for Max. If ‘worried’ time expired pop stars are silly enough to take up the offer, then so be it. Max wins…

The softening up process began days earlier with Freddie Starr seemingly trying to make an urgent date with police, so we must ask the question who really ate the hamster? Freddie or Max? Or did they have half each? It’s a good line, Freddie says he needs to clear his name (but if he’s innocent then why clear his name?) and a welcome shot of publicity would be good for his career in his twilight years.

Clearly anyone ‘papped’ or associating with the disgusting old shell-suited paedophile in the last fifty years ; and those well placed public sector officials who gave our Jimmy the keys to all manner of forbidden delights, will all be awaiting the early knock on the door.

Hopefully the police and the Crown Prosecution Service will get to the bottom of fifty years of a ‘tsunami of filth.’ Meanwhile Max Clifford needs like every business to do some publicity, pay for advertising and promotion to top up the corporate coffers, so Max does what he does best. Free no cost publicity on all the prime TV news programmes! Brilliant!

Now if you think I am being hard on Max, well no. The whole Jimmy Savile story just gives and gives, in news agenda terms, many more months of this, and for some reason more images of the disgusting old pervert continue to prop up each latest news bulletin, rather than substituting a lingering shot of the NSPCC logo or simply the childline number.

But if we really are to get to the root of it all, and remember this all goes way back to the swinging 60’s. I’d round up everyone who had ever worked with BBC VT ! Yes the infamous BBC video tape department, known universally as VT.

For many years, all the bloopers, and other choice reels of tape, naughty out takes if you like,  would be routinely sent to VT for consideration for inclusion in the BBC Special staff Christmas tape (copies given out to staff but for obvious reasons, never ever broadcast). In later years when some ‘stars’ including one 'Big Spender'started complaining their 14 retakes rehearsal had found its way on to the VT Christmas tape, it got closed down. But the 60’s and 70’s are safe, the tapes survive!

There are still many bootleg copies of the Christmas tapes around, and some retired VT people may well  have saved some of the juicer moments, probably on 3 inch Ampex tape, gathering dust in several lofts somewhere. The point being that most video tape in those days, was routinely wiped and re-recorded but the bloopers for VT, were never ever erased or used again……and the tapes apparently contained much more than just bloopers, and some cuts just too hot for the Christmas tape.....

But what about those who did cruelly and cynically take advantage of under age or vulnerable young males and females? Clearly they should be found and punished. Untold damage has been done to several generations, and those who knew what was happening, and were in a position to prevent it happening, decided to do nothing. Clearly they are just as guilty by association, and the book in every case should be thrown at them.

Johnny Beerling - employed Savile 

Speaking of which,  former BBC Radio 1 controller Johnny Beerling is chairing a bid by Radio Skipton to win a community radio licence.  He’s joined up with Revolution programme controller John Evington to apply for a licence, aiming to provide the Yorkshire town with a local station.

Skipton was home to Yorkshire Dales Radio, aka Fresh Radio, which was recently sold to UKRD and re-branded as Stray FM and moved to Harrogate.

A board of trustees will oversee the running of the station with Johnny Beerling, who lives in the area, as its chairman.

Johnny Beerling: “Apart from reflecting local news and events we will embrace local sporting clubs, schools, youth activities.........."   Clearly Beerling is somewhere on the police 'of interest'  list as controller ofRradio One, he know the deceased pervert Jimmy Saville for several decades and no doubt can fuilol in some of the missing details.

But whoever they are, or however highly regarded they may be now, all should be interviewed, and if anyone out there does have information, now would be a very good time to find a lawyer, put personal affairs in order and produce all the evidence. They might also like to consider a large financial donation to the NSPCC, it seems we all prefer to give money to the RSPCA to help animals and a far lesser amount to the NSPCC, such is the value of human life.

Rather than endless pictures of the serial abuser Savile,  on TV News
how about this as a  practical replacement?

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Memorial Sevice for Derek Jameson on 28 November

St Bride's Church Fleet Street  
Memorial for Derek Jameson 
on 28th November 

A memorial service for Derek Jameson will be held at St Bride's Church, Fleet Street, London EC4 at 11.30am on Wednesday 28th November, the day before what would have been his 83rd birthday. 

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Gary McKinnon, 46,

Julian Bray writes:  Medically impared Gary McKinnon, 46, who allegedly whilst looking on the internet for evidence of UFO's,  hacked into a series of Pentagon computers, shortly after 9/11, from his bedroom computer terminal in the UK, allegedly disabling USA mainframe military and intelligence computers, will not be extradited to the USA. 

The decision was taken on medical grounds, and therefore the extradition would "be a breach of his human rights,"  the Home Secretary confirmed in the House of Commons this afternoon.  

This ends a 10 year campaign to keep Gary McKinnon in the UK. 

This follows on from the UK government decision announced yesterday, to withdraw from all Pre-Lisbon EC directives on law and order, criminal justice and effectively ending the current European arrest warrant system.  

Contributor: Media, Cruise Line , Aviation, Politics & Travel Expert, Broadcaster & Journalist Julian Bray NUJ, EQUITY UK Landline: 01733 345581 Mobile: 07944 217476 ISDN2 downline +44(0)1733 555 319 (UK HOME ISDN 017 33 55 53 19) G722/APT-X Dual Codecs Glensound C5 SKYPE: JULIAN.BRAY.UK

Gibraltar 'being excluded' from cruise ship 'ports of call'

The border entry point is the spanish side of the Gibraltar airport runway

Julian Bray writes: Gibraltar could soon be dumped as a regular Port of Call by cruise ships in coming seasons, senior industy sources have indicated.  As reflected in a parliamentary debate on Gibraltar in the House of Commons, London, earlier today (Wednesday 15th October); which reported the recently elected Spanish Government is no longer co-operating in the trilateral talks on maintaining cordial relations between Gibraltar and Spain. 

It also comes on a day when the |Home Secretary Theresa May MP announced the UK is withdrawing from all EC pre Lisbon Police and Criminal Justice matters, reserving the right to opt back in to single EC measures as appropriate.

 As a result a growing number of cruise lines are considering dropping Gibraltar and no longer consider it as an  important port of call, following a renewal of repetitive border delays between the Rock and Spain.

Delays of up to five hours at a time are being experienced as the local Guardia Civil  [GC] (The Guardia Civil is in essence the Spanish gendarme. It is a police force that has both military, maritime and civilian functions plus a foreign peace-keeping role. It enjoys military status and is the equivalent of a federal paramilitary police), GC units are closing the border for several hours at a time, on the pretext of conducting searches for smuggled goods from Gib into Spain and the reverse. In addition they are conducting patrols allegedly within British territorial waters, which has frequently involved the armed intervention of the Royal Navy.

Clearly cruise line guests making day trips to Spain, and on organised coach excursions are not arriving back in time due to the border delays, and in most cases the cruise ship has to vacant its berth, leaving passengers stranded. The delays either require the offloading of the missing passengers luggage, or at their own expense passengers to travel by rail or air to the next port of call.

Cruise lines have also noted that by excluding Gibraltar  they can extend time at provisioning ports such as Lisbon, Vigo and Barcelona, and also preserve the high level of on-board spend where duty free tobaccos, alcohol and shopping are now an important part of the profitability of any cruise.  In particular Vigo in Gallicia, Northern Spain has made a substantial investment in a new cruise terminal, ship provisioning and port side visitor attractions,

The border delays have also affected the rapid transit of seriously ill passengers to Spanish hospitals. In some cases it is claimed,  'private ambulances' (hearses) have also been refused entry to Spain, and the body has had to be repatriated 'Medevac'  by air from Gibraltar airport.

Other problems are also caused by Spanish hospitals and medical clinics refusing to accept the European Health Card, and demanding payment in full from British Citizens before they will offer treatment or supply medications. They say the Central Governemen,t of Spain isn't refunding the costs involved although the funds are being paid by the UK.

Contributor: Media, Cruise Line , Aviation, Politics & Travel Expert, Broadcaster & Journalist Julian Bray NUJ, EQUITY UK Landline: 01733 345581 Mobile: 07944 217476 ISDN2 downline +44(0)1733 555 319 (UK HOME ISDN 017 33 55 53 19) G722/APT-X Dual Codecs Glensound C5 SKYPE: JULIAN.BRAY.UK

Costa Concordia Trial - What a VOYAGE DATA RECORDER does and why it's important

Julian Bray writes: As the trial of the captain of the wrecked  Costa Concordia cruise ship gets underway in Italy, and with it some dubious techinical accuracy is peppered around the media . The lastest item of interest is the so called 'Black Box recorder' or more accurately a Voyage Data Recorder [VDR]. This is far more than just a voice recorder ( as it has been called repeatedlyy!) and we give the full range of the telemetrics in a list beow

For this reason, and to comply with SOLAS (Saving Of Lives At Sea) regulations  - first introduced after the RMS Titanic disaster, 100 years ago -  all ships must now have an active VDR fitted which will record dozens  channels of information (data) over a 12 hour period immediately before an incident than its smaller brother on board an aircraft. This is achieved by a continuing recording, which constantly overwrites the recorder, but capturing at least 12 hours of data before an incident.

A VDR or voyage data recorder is an instrument or protected data capsule safely installed on a ship, usually on the upper sun deck or in a forward external exposed position and isn't painted black but 'day-glo' orange or yellow. The kit is set to continuously record vital information channels related to the operation of a vessel. In addition to data collection and recording it als captures radio, ship announcements and general conversation taking place on the bridge and other key areas.

The VDR under SOLAS regulations must capture and record the following:

Date and time
Ship’s position
Speed and heading
Bridge audio
Communication audio (radio)
Radar data
Post display data
Echo sounder  (!)
Main alarms
Rudder (or azipod propulsion) orders and response
Hull opening (doors) status
Watertight and fire door status
Speed and acceleration
Hull stresses
Wind speed and direction

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Did the old soldiers sting the Sunday Times?

Julian Bray writes: The classic sting set up by The Sunday Times featuring several highly decorated retired Generals and Chiefs of Staff seemingly offering access is nothing new. If the newspaper had only bothered to go through old printed copies of the then Institute of Public Relations Members handbook,  they'll find scores of  pensioned off service personnel and others on shorter military contracts all listed as associates or following an exam process a full Member of the Institute. Indeed one former President of the IPR, Lex Hornsby CBE had a string of Generals, as he put it 'on tap.'

The PR consultants act as the legal buffer, and our retired solider or airman simply an advisor to the PR firm, and nowhere is it more obvious than the hospitality suites at the Farnborough Air Show or any of the social calendar events helpfully listed by Debretts. As for access to Ministers, the route is usually through their office and parliamentary private secretary or through the MP's constituency organisation.

An interest in a mutual charity or cause also works wonders, a modest cash donation or the supply or long term loan of equipment or 'no-fee' consultancy service  is also another route. In just about every case  where this has happened access has bee granted or an introduction made to an enabler who will complete the trickier parts of the process.

 As to actually profiting from the deal, as so many public organisations now use fee earning interim staff, the interim will naturally rely on his own networking system such as the Executive Grapevine and like organisations where the sole aim is to put 'networking' and 'access' on a professional basis.

The retired military men were clearly part of this networking process and as the Sunday Times will have edited parts of the video tape,the full discussion would not have been reflected. Simply until the contract is signed sealed and delivered the law hasn't been broken, some loose talk and bit of bravado might have taken place but no more than one fisherman taking to another about the size of the last carp they each caught but had to put back. "It was hug, honest!, they might have each exclaimed.

The late Sir Ernest Harrison, then the boss of a small firm Racal making military radio systems, was however a master at gaining access and indeed on one such Government sponsored sales visit to his firm in 1972 with a visiting foreign power, he urged me to 'put a few bob' into a tiny business he'd just floated, it was called Vodata and the shares just 10p. Following a name change and also a  change of direction from making military radios Vodafone was born, the rest is history.

Sir |Ernest: Trust me this is worth a small punt..
And that tip from Sir Ernest? No, like an idiot I didn't buy any shares! If I had in 1972 put £500 in, today a few million would certainly be in my pocket....

So although the news media likes a good story, in this case it really is better in the telling than in the execution. Nothing to see here, move on!        

Contributor: Media, Cruise &Shipping, Aviation, Politics & Travel Expert, Broadcaster & Journalist Julian Bray NUJ, EQUITY UK Landline: 01733 345581 Mobile: 07944 217476 ISDN2 downline +44(0)1733 555 319 (UK HOME ISDN 017 33 55 53 19) G722/APT-X Dual Codecs Glensound C5 SKYPE: JULIAN.BRAY.UK

Sea Princess passengers stranded ashore in New Zealand

The Sea Princess arrived in Akaroa Harbour New Zealand marking the start of the cruise season shortly before before the severe weather closed in.

Julian Bray cruise and travel journalist writes: A storm battering New Zealand has left some 700 cruise ship passengers stranded overnight in Canterbury, as the Princess Cruises' Sea Princess swung on its  anchor riding out a storm in Akaroa Bay.   The storm uprooted trees, caused power cuts as it  as it swept across the country. The ship had dropped anchor and  passengers transferred safely ashore by a shuttle tender service from its four 60+ passenger tenders. In order to complete the operation, specially trained crew, open a lower hull mounted access port, lowering down a landing platform, just a few feet above the normal waterline. In normal conditions the expert crew would assist the passengers (and in some cases wheelchair users as well)  but if the weather is rough, then normally the port of call would be dropped from the schedule. In this case the 700 had already been safely taken ashore, but the weather suddenly blew up stranding the guests.

The European and American passengers from the Sea Princess cruise ship initially took shelter in the Akaroa Area School gymnasium, as the rough conditions have made it unsafe for them to return to the ship   A spokesman for the Maison de la Mer Hotel, said he had been contacted by the cruise company to see if they could block book the hotel

Local reports suggest that by 10am the weather was 'looking pretty nasty', with trees blocking roads and power lines down.

Christchurch and Canterbury Tourism spokesperson claimed the situation was being handled well, and that the Akaroa community had all rallied together to accommodate the passengers in both hotel and private accommodation.

Contributor: Media, Cruise Line , Aviation, Politics & Travel Expert, Broadcaster & Journalist Julian Bray NUJ, EQUITY UK Landline: 01733 345581 Mobile: 07944 217476 ISDN2 downline +44(0)1733 555 319 (UK HOME ISDN 017 33 55 53 19) G722/APT-X Dual Codecs Glensound C5 SKYPE: JULIAN.BRAY.UK

Costa Concordia Captain Demands Job Back!

THE captain of an Italian luxury cruise ship which had the hull ripped apart on rocks  in January is taking ship owner Costa Crociere part of the USA owned Carnival Group to court for firing him, and is also demanding his job back, according to Italy's Repubblica newspaper says.

'Defrocked' Captain Francesco Schettino, who is being investigated for causing the shipwreck, which claimed 32 lives and abandoning the Costa Concordia Crusie ship long before everyone had been evacuated, was fired by Costa at the end of July, the newspaper claimed..

"Costa Crociere confirms that it has concluded the disciplinary procedure against Schettino following the Costa Concordia shipwreck, ordering his dismissal," the company, Europe's biggest cruise operator and part of the USA Carnival  Group told the Italian media.

The captain, expects to find out next week whether he will face trial along with eight others for his role in the tragedy, has claimed his actions saved lives and insists Costa reinstate him and hand over back pay.

Schettino's lawyer, Bruno Leporatti, was not available for comment.

A pre-trial hearing in the Tuscan town of Grosseto on Monday will establish whether prosecutors have a case against Schettino, who is accused of performing a risky "salute" manoeuvre close to Giglio island where the ship hit rocks.

Five other crew members and three Costa executives are also being investigated, including Roberto Ferrarini, Costa's fleet crisis coordinator, who was in regular contact with Schettino on the night of the tragedy.

The captain is under house arrest in his home town of Meta di Sorrento, near Naples, but is expected to request permission to attend the closed-door hearing, where experts will present results of analysis of black box data.

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