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As I'm reporting into a variety of  international TV and Radio Networks,  and the dynamics of this incident is changing almost by the hour I would direct you to the BBC and CNN websites for the latest developments. When the messages are clearer I'll update this blog but in the interim period, will put up brief notes from time to time.

LUFTHANSA Germanwings flight (registration D-AIPX) was lost at 6800 feet at 09.39 ECT.  en route Barcelona to Dusseldorf

Airbus A320 CRASHED 9:39am CET near Digne Les Bains, French Sourthern Alps.   144 passenger plus 2 Pilots 4 Cabin crew. French Police in Helicopter search report wreckage spotted at 11am CET

DEVELOPING STORY  WILL BE UPDATED and follow my news on major Radio & TV networks

Note all comments are pure speculation until official report issued

European carriers change cockpit rules after Alps crash
Major European airlines urge to introduce rules insisting two crew members are always in a plane cockpit after investigators said a German pilot deliberately plunged an Airbus A320 into a mountain, killing all 150 people on board.

The decision was supported by Norwegian Air, Monarch, easyJet, Virgin Atlantic and Thomas Cook airlines.
Airlines including Lufthansa, Air Canada and Air Berlin also said within hours that they had introduced a requirement that two crew members be in the cockpit during the flight.

The United States already requires two crew members to be in the cabin at all times, but many other countries do not, allowing pilots to leave the flight deck, for example to use the toilet, as long as one pilot is at the controls.

The co-pilot of Germanwings liner forced the plane into the descent that led to the disaster, the Marseille public prosecutor said, after locking the captain out of the cockpit. “It was a voluntary action,” said the prosecutor, Brice Robin.

The idea that pilots themselves could be a danger creates reason to re-examine such policies, concluded retired French crash investigator Alain Bouillard.


The crash of the Germanwings airbus a320  in the French Alps that killed 150 people  happened because the co-pilot crashed the jet deliberately, the prosecutor in France heading the criminal investigation said on Tuesday.

The German born co-pilot began the A320 descent for an unknown reason while he was alone in the cockpit, said the French prosecutor, Brice Robin, describing the action as deliberate. M. Robin said he had opened an investigation for voluntary manslaughter.


Investigators have given a full written transcript of the conversations to the prosecutor.

Brice Robin, says he will talk with investigators immediately after press conference, for detailed update.

No indication that it was an act of terrorism.

Recovery of bodies will continue and treated with respect

All parameters of flight information is being fully disclosed

Co-pilot took advantage of Pilot leaving cockpit.

Co-pilot manipulated controls (set to 100 ft lowest possible setting) and changed frequencies

Aircraft hits Mountain rockface at speed crumples in on itself all on board instantly killed.

THURSDAY 26th March 10 am : A flurry of overnight news with the astonishing claim in the New York Times and now  carried by the AFP French news agency  that someone has actually heard the contents of the black box cockpit audio tape.

The story is that one of the pilots left the flight deck and the door locked behind him; on returning he cannot get back in. Starts knocking on the door then bangs frantically "You can hear that he is trying to smash the door down"... more than that we do not know.

The second 'Dayglo' Orange, 'black box' casing has now been found but not the Databank core, which is still missing.

Another story (all pure speculation you understand) is that due to a bird strike or object hitting the flight deck windscreen it cracked blew out and rapid depressurisation started, eventually knocking out the pilot or pilots.

Hence the controlled descent... so stay with the angle of attack theory (nose up or nose down) it could be our old friend the external frozen peito tube an external airspeed indicator, the list is endless....  The BA Heathrow Airoprt incident when the incoming aircraft bunny hopped the perimeter fence as both engines cut out at the same time, fuel lines both froze, that aircraft had returned overflying frozen mountain ranges.. the list is endless but all pure speculation...until the black box secrets are revealed...

Meanwhile the recovery operation is moving ahead and so is the CRIMINAL investigation. 14 Magistrates and 200 police have been allocated and helicoptered into the debris zone any death in France is automatically treated as a criminal investigation.

more follows

WEDNESDAY LATEST 25th March 12:30pm : The French are known for being very direct and the breaking news that large CRIMINAL investigation teams are being helicoptered in to the debris field means that rather than closing down speculation, its just been hyped up to a new level.

Media teams have been moved back some five miles but against this, the latest close up video feeds have been freely distributed, which to an old cynic like me, suggests the authorities are softening up all of us, for a major development.

Normally a 'cordon sanitaire' would have been immediately imposed keeping news helicopters and trophy hunters out of the investigation area.

Then there is the claim by the French President at the outset that no survivors would be found, how on earth would he know that? Unless he had some information he's not sharing with us?

Mirage Jet Fighters scrambled too....

Accepting that the A320  after its 8 minute 'controlled descent' is at a slightly reduced cruising speed, the impact with the side of a mountain would cause the plane to fold in on itself, crumple if you like, shredding all in its path but even so you would expect the tail section to remain or large panels such as doors to remain intact.  The spatial distribution of the particulate debris, also flags up the contrast of the recent Malaysian Aircraft incidents. Imagine all that shredded debris, floating on the surface of the ocean, how big a marker do you need? So did that aircraft make a soft landing after all?  

There is now TV News video evidence of substantial landslip and heave, with topsoil and vegetation now covering much of the debris. What looks like part of a side section is visible in some video reports, and the confusion over the black boxes (was it data or voice recovered) and how can a device designed to withstand extreme impact be 'damaged' so possibly data extracted might not be complete.... 

The same cannot be said for the voice recorder, and within a few minutes all will be clear once the recordings from solid state memory banks are released and we can all listen to them hopefully unredacted.

But we now hear it'll take days for a simple report on content and MONTHS for the full report on the black box audio.  TV images show the Voice unit and to the casual eye the memory card stack looks to be intact just the location pinger and 30 day battery section crumpled and twisted sideways.

View image on Twitter

FIRST PHOTO: France releases pic of damaged cockpit voice recorder of http://on.rt.com/besjt3 

My contribution on the Jeremy Vine Show BBC Radio 2, (which of course, the timing resulted in the audience for the last PMQ's being substantially reduced... sorry)  covered the little known condition 'fixation fatigue' the medical stress syndrome where something out of the ordinary or unexpected first has to be rectified at expense of all other actions.  The trauma is also known in some circles as 'situational awareness' we'll leave the boffins to decide the term we eventually use.

Meaning that the secondary action becomes the sole focus of those professionals involved. I alluded to a form of this when I suggested on BBC London to Penny Smith early this morning, that perhaps the two pilots where engrossed in fixing something and didn't physically look up and out of the window, until it was too late.

Or were the crew incapacitated in any way, only time and black boxes will tell. Or put another way, how engrossed do people get in video games, shutting out all other 'noises'?

The aircraft although 'born' 24 years ago being one of the new generation 'fly by wire' aircraft it has a computer style game handle to the left of the seat. New generation pilots are trained accordingly but perhaps the six monthly simulator sessions for commercial pilots should be increased to every three months?

They should also ideally have practical sessions in vintage aircraft, literally getting back to basics instructors can gauge social interaction, dealing with a non digital set of parameters...just an idea..

We should also demand as a condition of landing, real time streaming of flight deck chatter and data streams from key components. The black boxes usually housed in the tail section should also have an "eject if upset" mechanism so they can float down on a parachute.

Military aircraft already have this, so no excuse. WE LIVE IN DANGEROUS TIMES so we must all act accordingly. This is what I said way back in 2011

The TV news reports talk of 'bodies being recovered,' I'd suggest like the Fixborough disaster in the UK, the best they can hope for is body parts, as DNA swabs are already being taken from grieving relatives.   

We should also spare a thought for those relatives being flown out to the crash site. Frankly I would have put them on a bus or train, putting them through an airport process so soon after the event, just seems wrong, even if it is expedient.

Better still put them on a chartered cruise ship, so counselling services can be applied and the arrival timed, say a week, after the main recovery programme is well advanced, and human remains removed.  


Julian Bray writes:  NO SURVIVORS says French President Hollande SEARCH & RESCUE TEAMS deployed.
Lufhansa Press Conference 2pm they have not given up on finding survivors. Agencies report its a 'localised' crash ie probably airframe broke up on impact with ground rather than in flight, catastrophic failure in flight not ruled out

Speculation: It looks like a catastrophic incident in flight, as no evidence on tracking sites aircraft was turning around or deviated off airways route. Controlled descent so did not 'just fall out of the sky'. An act of terrorism act at this stage cannot be ruled out.

Latest video shows particulate wreckage in a series of gulleys looks as if the aircraft flew head on into tip of mountain at speed then broke up and large pieces rolled down side of mountain into valley, loose earth and rocks displaced, then back filled over the aircraft remains, so will have to be dug out.

Julian Bray says: Its time for live data streaming of inflight data ( as used in drones) and autoeject black boxes as fitted by military aircraft

Accident in mountain zone, survivors unlikely, lost around 9:39am CET. airspeed 24 knots Some 24 years old, distress call logged at 9:30 CET this later discounted -no call made at 6,800 ft.  6,100 plus aircraft produced, dubbed a 'workhorse' but highly efficient and exceptionally well maintained.  

Speculation points to ultra rapid descent, possible mid air explosion or explode on imact with mountain tip.

100km North of Nice and some 150km from Monaco. 

AIRBUS have scrambled technical teams and on way to mountain crash location.

LUFTHANSA Germanwings flight (registration D-AIPX) was lost from Flightradar24 at 6800 feet at 09.39 ECT time.  en route Barcelona to Dusseldorf

Airbus A320 CRASHED 9:39am CET near Digne Les Bains, French Sourthern Alps.   144 passenger plus 2 Pilots 4 Cabin crew. French Police in Helicopter search report wreckage spotted at 11am CET

Emergency call was audio last words EMERGENCY EMERGENCY then aircraft 'dropped from sky'

(flight radar Track see top right of picture)

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Heathrow Aircraft Noise denials blighting Ascot and Bracknell due to poor communications with NATS

Residents in Ascot protested against the increase in noise last year and more than 1,000 people attended a public meeting asking Heathrow for answers.
Pictured, Amber Glossop.
Residents in Ascot protested against the increase in noise last year
and more than 1,000 people attended a public meeting asking Heathrow for answers.
Pictured, Amber Glossop.

An increase in aircraft noise that has blighted posh homes across Ascot and Bracknell was due to a change in departure routes from Heathrow Airport, but no one told the Airport management! 

Frustrated residents have finally been given a straight answer for the increase in noise from aircraft over their homes, and there are no plans to revert routes to their previous noise free state.

A change was made to a route by the National Air Traffic Service (NATS) in June 2014 and led to a greater concentration of aircraft, and more noise, over areas to the south-west of the airport.

Air Malta Airbus A319-100 returns to Malta on March 16th as 'phantom' window cracks appear.

An Air Malta Airbus A319-100, (reg:9H-AEG) on flight KM-146 from Malta to Manchester UK, was enroute at fligh level 360 about 60nm northeast of Cagliari (Italy) when the crew decided to return to Malta, reporting a seemingly cracked window.


Industry sources are reporting that Virgin Group’s much anticipated debut into the cruise business could be halted if a federal lawsuit filed March 11th against the enterprise is successful.

The lawsuit alleges that Virgin misappropriated the idea, business plan and other aspects of Virgin Cruises from a blueprint developed by Colin Veitch, a former CEO of Norwegian Cruise Line.

Mr Veitch, who filed the suit in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida, said he created the plan prior to Virgin’s involvement and spent more than a year working on it with Virgin before the terms of the deal were abruptly changed in early 2012.

The Virgin name, owned by Richard Branson, brands numerous ventures, including an airline, railway operating companies, rocket ships, an hotel chain, health & fitness clubs and a record label. The suit claims that Virgin’s initial interest lay in licensing its name to the project and that Veitch’s VSM Development would be a partner with Virgin in owning and running the cruise line.

Read more: http://www.travelweekly.com/Cruise-Travel/Suit-against-Virgin-Group-could-impact-its-cruise-line

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BA A320

A BA passenger on board Airbus A320-200, (G-EUYC) told journalists that an engine had produced a loud bang and streaks of flames during the initial climb out of London Heathrow on March 12th 2015.

Villagers in Ukraine told Reuters news agency they saw a missile heading towards Malaysian Boeing flight MH17 on July 17 last year.

Reuters found 4 witnesses on downing of Malaysian plane over Ukraine

"My mother and I were in the yard when it happened," said Pyotr Fedotov, a 58-year-old resident. "There was such a bang that we involuntarily sat down, in the yard, our legs gave way underneath us. Then we got curious and immediately went to the other side of the house to take a look, understood it was Boeing"

The agency found four witnesses of the crash. None of the witnesses polled by Reuters had not seen a missile launch. When interviewed by Reuters, Fedotov, the witness who described the 'wiggling' rocket, at first said on camera that it was fired from territory held by the Ukrainian army.

On the November 14, 2014, Russia has shown satellite images which show moment flight MH17 was shot down by fighter jet.

Source and image: Lenta.ru

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Royal Caribbeans' Independence of the Seas, and £50million refit Navigator of the Seas return to Southampton in 2016..

Julian Bray writes: My two favourite Royal Caribbean cruise ships are returning to the UK next year, and one the Navigator of the Seas ( a shorter version of the Independence of the Seas) can actually get into the centre of Copenhagen - a cigarette paper width each side of the canal, amazing satellite navigation technology - unlike the P&O which has to park up, and passengers put on a 12 mile bus ride into town.
Royal Caribbean has announced that Independence of the Seas is to return to Southampton next year.

Independence of the Seas arrives Southampton.

K favori

The ship will be sailing a number of voyages to Europe and the Mediterranean, with itineraries including three and four night mini-breaks to Paris and Bruges.

There will also be seven-night cruise itineraries to France and Spain, and a number of 14-night breaks to the Mediterranean.

Independence will be joined by Navigator of the Seas, which has recently undergone a £50 million makeover, and will also be sailing from Southampton on six to 14-night Norwegian Fjord, Baltic, Mediterranean or Canary Island itineraries.

Harmony of the Seas will also be sailing in Europe from Barcelona and Rome.

The line’s third Oasis-class ship, which will launch in spring 2016, will also offer a number of European sailings, visiting ports such as Palma, Florence, Pisa and Naples.

Source: RCL, TTG. CNS

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The initial MH370 News Conferences were a mess, until we suggested to the Malaysian Government professional PR help was needed. They flew in a team from the UK. However on year on, news management has gone back to zero. 

In accordance with international aviation law the Malaysian authorities have released a report into the search for the missing aircraft on flight MH370. Sadly it has only been published in English, and not in Chinese, so many of the relatives of those who seemingly perished on board,  are still unable to read it.

The head of the Malaysian search team  Kok Soo Chon claimed that one of the batteries which powered the underwater pinger locater in the flight data recorder had 'expired' and was a good year out of date. It had not been swapped out (or changed) as required by the manufacturers.

So a distinct possibly much of the underwater locater beacon search involving many nations and substantial resources was in fact a complete wasted effort. So it is highly possible if the aircraft did ditch in the sea and the search grid has been completed, it may never be found. This latest report is important possibly for all the wrong reasons as it highlights the areas it does not cover. 

What have the Malaysian authorities been doing over the last year apart from the sea and air search? Very little  is the claim of many of the Chinese families still mourning loved ones who perished on board. Little appears to have been done in forensic terms investigating alternative scenarios for the aircrafts demise. There is for example, no items of debris or other indicators of a crash, investigators would normally expect.

Did the aircraft make a soft landing on one of the many hundreds of old disused Vietnamese wartime airstrips, or on one of the many islands in the region. Was the Inmarsat satellite trace in fact emitted by another aircraft, or a freak skip transmission with the signal being bounced off the ionosphere and indicating a false position?  What was the role of military aircraft in the region? Little has been released.

A party of Chinese computing experts were said to be on the passenger manifest. Potentially dangerous Lithium batteries destined for Motorola were being carried as bulk cargo, but the latest report says no special checks were carried out.

This all appoints to an airline management not tottaly in control of its many and varied safety and operational responsibilities. The report has added a raft of new questions, answered very few and is bound to caused anger and dismay in many circles.

For the survivors it is the worst of all worlds especially as there are now suggestions the search effort currently carried out by four survey ships, will be scaled back as early as May on ground of expense.   

Key sections of the 3-page report (thin on substantive information in our view) issued earlier today:

5. This Interim Statement is issued on progress of investigation up to 7th March 2015 and is based on the factual information gathered in accordance with sections 1.1 to 1.19 in Appendix of Annex 13. Details of the factual information is available on the Ministry of Transport website: www.mot.gov.my.  

6. The Investigation Team had since gathered factual information on MH370       (9M-MRO) which included, among others, the following:- 

6.1   Recorded Air Traffic Control (ATC) radio and radar tape recordings and made transcripts of radiotelephony communications between aircraft and Air Traffic Controllers and between Air Traffic Controllers of ATC Centres viz. Ho Chi Minh and Singapore; and between Air Traffic Controllers and MAS Operations Centre at KLIA;

6.2  Took custody and reviewed aircraft maintenance records, including maintenance check packages, technical  logs,  airworthiness  directives, modifications and repairs, mandatory occurrence reports, weight and balance reports, maintenance schedule, airworthiness certification and related documents;

6.3   Carried out simulator sessions to re-construct the aircraft flight profile and system operation;

6.4 Interviewed more than 120 persons from the Department of Civil Aviation (DCA), MAS, next-of-kin of crew, refueler, flight caterer, aircraft cleaners, cargo operators and loaders, freight-forwarders, suppliers and consignees; 

6.5   Visited cargo operators, freight-forwarders and consignees of lithium ion batteries and mangosteen fruit, local (Subang, Penang and Muar) and overseas (Beijing and Tianjin in China) for data collection and interviews; and 

6.6   Visited Kuala Lumpur Air Traffic Control Centre, Subang and Air Traffic Services Office, KLIA, Air Nav Indonesia, Medan (Indonesia), Southern Region Air Traffic Services Company, Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam), DCA, Bangkok (Thailand), and Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (Singapore) for data collection and interviews. 

7. In this regard, the Investigation Team emphasises that the factual information that has been gathered to date and published on the Ministry of Transport website is of an interim nature and new information that may become available may alter this information before the publication of the Final Report. The Investigation Team clarifies that the factual information gathered contains facts which have been determined up to the current date only and that this

information is made available at this time solely to inform the aviation industry and the public of the general circumstances of the accident of MH370 and must necessarily be regarded as tentative and subject to alteration or correction if additional evidence becomes available. 

8. The Investigation Team is now conducting analysis of the factual information and is considering the following areas: 

8.1    Airworthiness & Maintenance and Aircraft Systems; 
8.2   ATC operations from 1719 to 2232 UTC on 7th March 2014 [0119 to    0632 MYT on 8th March 2014];
8.3   Cargo consignment;
8.4   Crew Profile; 
8.5   Diversion from Filed Flight Plan route;
8.6   Organisational and Management Information of DCA and MAS; and 
8.7   Satellite Communications (SATCOM). 

 9.  Along with these activities, the Investigation Team has also prepared Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and Checklists for investigation in accordance with Doc. 9756 AN965 in preparation for the recovery of the aircraft, once it is located by the search team.
10. In the months ahead, the Investigation Team will need to analyse to draw conclusions and safety recommendations based on the factual information that have been gathered. In addition to the analysis and the conclusion phase of the investigation, steps taken will also include further validation of the factual information on emergence of new evidence.  

11. The Investigation Team expects that further factual information will be available from the wreckage and flight recorders if the aircraft is found.   
Issued by: 

The Malaysian ICAO Annex 13 Safety Investigation Team for MH370  

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Delta MD88 at New York on Mar 5th 2015, slips off runway on landing

Delta MD88 at New York on Mar 5th 2015, runway excursion on landing
Incident Facts
Date of Incident05.03.2015
Aircraft TypeMcDonnel Douglas MD-88
Aircraft RegistrationN909DL
Airport New York, La Guardia Airport
CountryUnited States

MD88 by Aero Icarus   
A Delta Airlines McDonnell Douglas MD-88, registration N909DL  () Flight DL-1086 from Atlanta,GA to New York La Guardia,NY (USA) with 125 passengers and 5 crew, landed on La Guardia's runway 13 following an ILS approach.

Tower reported the winds from 020 degrees at 10 knots, braking action "pretty good" by A319 pilot report, RVR touch down 6000 feet rollout 3500 feet, but skidded left off the runway. Then climbed an embankment and broke through fence on crest before coming to a standstill perched on top of the embankment at about 11:02L (16:02Z).

Tower called the flight for taxiing instructions but did not receive a reply. Airport Operations told the tower that runway 13 was closed with the tower querying in disbelief, fire engines finally told tower that there had been an aircraft gone off the runway. Tower then instructed the next arrival on short final to go around.

Airport Operations then advised the entire Aerodrome was closed. The MD-88 was evacuated through the overwing exits with the assistence of responding emergency services and the rear exit.

24 occupants received minor injuries, 3 of them were taken to hospitals, the aircraft sustained substantial damage.

Emergency services reported the left hand wing was damaged and there was fuel leaking through a rupture and queried tower whether he was talking to the crew, tower advised there was no response from the crew.

New York's Fire Department (FDNY) reported there were 24 minor injuries, 3 were transport to a hospital.

New York's Police Department (NYPD) reported there was a minor fuel leak.

A number of people were taken to hospitals on stretchers.

The airline reported all passengers were safely evacuated and taken to the terminal.

The FAA announced that the airport remains closed until 18:59L (23:59Z).

The NTSB announced they have opened an investigation into the occurrence involving a Delta Airlines aircraft at La Guardia Airport.

Related NOTAM:
03/084 (A0855/15) - AD AIRPORT CLSD. 05 MAR 17:09 2015 UNTIL 05 MAR 19:30 2015 ESTIMATED. CREATED: 05 MAR 17:09 2015


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US actor Harrison Ford injured in vintage aircraft plane crash in Los Angeles.

Harrison Ford,

Julian Bray, aviation security expert writes:  Harrison Ford, 72, Star of Blade Runner, Indiana Jones and the Star Wars series, whilst piloting a Ryan PT22 vintage light aircraft, reported engine failure and loss of power, shortly after take off, managed to report his situation by radio to Air Traffic Control, then circled in an attempt to return to the runway at Santa Monica Airport, but clipped some trees and crash-landed on the fairway, near the 8th green of a Venice golf course.

He sustained cuts and injuries to his head, but medics - through a fire department spokesman - are saying his condition is not life threatening. The crash site was alongside a road so emergency vehicles  quickly attended. From the hospital his son Ben, reported on social media "Dad is OK. Battered but OK!

His management team added : "The injuries sustained are not life threatening, and he is expected to make a full recovery,"

Shortly after take-off from Santa Monica Airport, Harrison Ford an experienced pilot said he was having engine failure with his 1942 Ryan Aeronautical ST3KR and was making an "immediate return". The aircraft being just a few years older than its pilot.

Christian Fry, Santa Monica Airport Association official said: "an absolutely beautifully executed emergency landing by an unbelievably well-trained pilot."

Apart from flying aircraft, Mr Ford is also qualified for helicopters, and crashed in one in the late 90's. He is however at the age of 72 unlikely to continue his flying career, as the insurance premiums are likely to rocket after this latest incident.

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Aer Lingus reporting short haul traffic down 3% in February but increased load factors and long haul passenger numbers for February

Aer Lingus Group plc has announced its traffic statistics for the month of February 2015.
Short haul traffic for February 2015 was down 2.9%, with 497,000 short haul passengers carried compared to 512,000 in February last year (2014).  
The total number of passengers carried during the month of February 2015 was down to 627,000, including Aer Lingus Regional.  This compares with a total of 640,000 passengers in February 2014. 
Overall passenger load factor for the month was up 1.9 percentage points to 69.2%. The short load factor increased 1.6 percentage points to 70.3%, whilst the long haul load factor increased by 3.0 percentage points to 67.7%.
The short haul load factor improvement in February, claims the airline, reflects capacity reductions related to planned network adjustments. Designed to protect profit margins given seasonal demand conditions.
The total number of passengers carried during the month of February 2015 was 627,000, including Aer Lingus Regional. This compares with a total of 640,000 passengers in February 2014.
Long haul traffic continued to increase, up by 21.7% to 56,000 passengers in February 2015, compared to 46,000 in the same month in 2014.

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https://ca.news.yahoo.com/video/plane-circled-airport-bad-weather-110053170.html AIR DUBAI CRASH 19/03/2016 Julian Bray first reaction


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CargoLogic Air load one of their mega all cargo aircraft. In addition to purpose built frighters, many end of first lease, state-of-the-art wide-bodied passenger aircraft are currently being snapped up and rapidly re-purposed for all cargo operation. As the 21st Century trend is away from airport hub/spoke operation - apparently Heathrow [LHR] is yet to get the memo… -and towards single aisle narrow bodied passenger/cargo hold aircraft, working point to point schedules continues apace ...

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He operated at board level with several airline and aviation groups, including Alitalia, British Island Airways, British Airways, Galileo , British Aerospace, Skyways, former CEO City firm Leadenhall Assoc. (PR WEEK TOP 150) Founder CNS City News Service. Director NTN Television News (joint co. with ITV Wales TWW) Debretts People 2017 and featured in launch edition of the PRWeek Black Book. Investigative Journalist and Broadcaster.

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