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Stansted security scanning staff on strike since 4am. Strike due to end midnight tonight.

Luggage & passenger security scanning staff, employed by an outside contractor, on strike since 4am at Stansted Airport until midnight tonight over a pay dispute. Marginal delays reported so far, expected to deteriorate during the day. travellers advised to get to the airport an hour earlier....

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 Flowers left by the public  on a bridge near the Shoreham air crash site

Julian Bray writes: It is generally agreed that the Hawker Hunter T7 dual seat 'Cold war' jet, on its run-in towards Shoreham aerodrome  (north, along line of  the Adur river in line with the airfield runway 20, was flying far, far, too low. It should have been a 500ft minima but most commentators put it at 300-350ft, at its pull-up point.

Pilots generally adopt a minimum of 500ft (just 150metres) above airfield level as a base for any pull-up into a looping manoeuvre, simply as they need to establish height to give a safety margin in case of any error in the calculation of the exit height, at the base of the manoeuvre.

At the risk of  upsetting armchair air forum jockeys, we should repeat: "As with all comment has to be treated as pure speculation, but hopefully might spark off additional areas of investigation and enquiry."

Aerobatic displays rely on form and symmetry  ie entry and exit levels are ideally at the same height 500ft in =500ft out.

300ft in = 300ft out had the making of what tragically happened at Shoreham....

The grim facts are that coming out of a vertical manoeuvre lower than the entry height possibly unintentionally may have killed more display pilots than other air display accident incidents. It follows that complex set pieces, work better when the safety margins are substantially increased. 500ft being the accepted and mandated minimum.

As higly respected former pilot and industry commentator  David Learmont puts it: "Loops, barrel rolls, stall-turns, wing-overs and chandelles are not difficult to perform safely at a high level where there’s lots of room to correct errors. But to carry them out with precision at low level requires tight discipline, and constant monitoring of the aircraft’s pitch and roll rates in conjunction with the rapidly changing airspeed in the climb and descent phases. It is incredibly easy to let the pitch rate – or the pitch-and-roll rate – decay slightly during the descent phase, and that can be terminal. It was for the T7 at Shoreham, whatever the reason."

But there are other important aspects of this flight to consider.
The Hunter had drop-tanks slung beneath its wings. Why were they not removed prior to the display? Possibly as the aircraft has a notoriously short range without them, and would be immediately departing for its next display? Taking the drop tanks off at Shoreham might also have created technical difficulties, re-attaching them for onward flight...who knows?  [ According to the later released AAIB Interim report we called this correctly. Both the two wing tanks and the inboard fuel tanks were filled prior to departure from home base]

Why were its flaps deployed throughout?   During aerobatic manoeuvres, display pilots have traditionally used this setting although it would be frowned on in 'combat' circles. No one seems to know why, but from a safety point of view has just a marginal bearing.

An observation that has come out of one of the many videos posted to YOUTUBE suggests the pilot had trouble getting this aircraft off its home North Weald runway during take-off. If something had been wrong the experienced Pilot Andy Hills would have declared it 'technical' and returned home.

Finally why did the aircraft crash-land on a dual carriageway packed with slow moving holiday traffic when the pilot seemingly had a choice of veering left away from the A27 ( which is one week on, the A27 still closed and expected to partially re-open on Bank Holiday Monday)  and hard landing on the deserted west side of the airfield? 

All this suggests the pilot was fully awake and in full command, however a body of opinion suggests the massive G-force of the 'misaligned loop' may have blacked out the pilot, just a few seconds would be enough to set the events at Shoreham in train.

The highly experienced pilot Andy Hills (currently in a medically induced coma) might have regained consciousness, and then realised the grim reality of what was happening. His single task was at that moment to simply save other peoples lives.

Having survived a stall, nose up, losing height and with very little remaining thrust, the wooded copse just outside the airfield perimeter looked to be the final resting place, but low as the plane was it dipped making contact with the roadway slicing off roofs of cars and leaving a flaming debris field 400ft long  and some 150ft wide in places.

Perhaps the 'Cold war' jet was falling apart? Not according to the mountain of video being trawled through? Bird strike ? Possible. Flameout? Some video shows  (on a single frame ) a flame, or flare.  No reheat or afterburner on this particular 1950's jet . Only one special was built, but the Air Ministry bean counters stopped development. BUT did the engine malfunction at that very point on the V/T timeline?

The final moments, one telling screen grab shows the Hawker Hunter skimming traffic only a marginal blur can be seen from the 8ft long tailpipe suggesting it was in effect gliding down to its final resting place. No real power or forward thrust at that point. If it had flamed out on the loop or the jet malfunctioned for any reason, the knock on effect would be the same as played out. Observers say the engine was running throughout, but was it generating sufficient, if any useful thrust?

All questions for the Air Accident Investigation Board. Nothing short of a miracle, the pilot was extracted barely alive, heroically triaged by paramedics on the spot, and then medically air lifted to hospital, 'just holding onto life' was the medical message at the time. Andy Hills now in a medically induced coma. Clearly being positive, when Mr Hills recovers, he can give the best evidence of all, his own recollection.

Vintage jets like this are currently grounded by the CAA pending the Shoreham investigation but if they are cleared and return to the sky remember they still don't have 'black boxes' perhaps they should be legally required to leap forward beyond black box retro kit and go directly for real time satellite digital monitoring? And while they are at it ensure that all passenger aircraft are so fitted, the wiring loom and digi-responder kit is already in place on modern civil aviation jets, but there is no compulsion by airlines to subscribe and pay the subscription charges.  It all comes down to money...

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Sources: CAA, BBC, CNS, www.Learmount.com, HH supporters network, and others..

Earlier blog: http://julianbrayrecessionbuster07944217476.blogspot.co.uk/2015/08/hawker-hunter-display-aircraft-crashes.html

Latest blog: http://julianbrayrecessionbuster07944217476.blogspot.com/2015/09/shoreham-air-crash-1st-september-2015.html

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Hawker Hunter 'cold war' Aircraft: Did the Rolls Royce Avon jet engine 'flameout' at Shoreham Air Show? Police revise death toll figure as 11.

 CAUTION: All comments, as always, are purely highly speculative, derived from a variety of sources, many of them legally untested. This is a developing media story, however intense media interest is already declining as the news agenda moves on. Any conclusions or stated positions are designed to promote vigorous public debate, assist detailed closer examination of the incident and to unearth/dig out any additional information and/or data that could be of value to any official investigation, or judicial process. Sadly certain online forums are negatively targeting media sources and on one claim to have worked with us. (Its not true - all our  partners are declared!) They like us will have to await the publication of any interim report and the official air accident investigation report, it could well take two years for the final report to be published. Our thoughts are with the victims and their relatives. We also hope the Pilot currently in intensive care, makes a full recovery. JB

(Later updates after Aug 26 2015, will now be in the form of new individual posts. This original post and links will remain as a matter of record)

Heavy lift mobile crane has lifted fuselage and tail sections from crash site adjacent to and on the A27 dual carriageway.  Poor weather conditions and driving rain continues to hamper the recovery operation.  

Crash debris having been identified and measured, photographed, bagged and tagged is following initial on site inspection, scheduled to be transferred to Farnborough later today for detailed testing and investigation.  Adverse weather is hampering the recovery.

An interim report will be released as soon as possible Sources initially suggested this will be within 3 months for first headline finding, but tonight, initial findings ready 'within days.' Full report could take some 2 years, unless the pilot currently in a medically induced Coma, recovers sufficiently and debriefs investigators.

Important to note (although this is pure speculation).  Loop manoeuvre was not over the A27 as some commentators and TV graphic packages suggest, but aircraft malfunction possibly 'pushed' the doomed jet in that direction, pilot seemingly with limited or intermittent control ie 'dead stick' amazingly levelled aircraft for a hard 'dead stick' landing and appears to be heading for a wooded copse alongside the dual carriageway, but just didn't have the thrust to maintain forward motion, pointing to a possible flameout.  

Weather conditions could have caused the condition as the unusually hot morning and midday sun would have to compete with the much colder temperatures and winds coming off sea level and the added complication of the 'Spanish plume' weather sequence which subsequently caused torrential rain in the area hours after the incident... 

This earlier accident report , which has only just come to light, featuring a Hawker Hunter may have a bearing on the Shoreham incident: http://aviation-safety.net/wikibase/wiki.php?id=58340

Contrast  the American Jet fighter reference picture (ABOVE) indicative of thrust jet gas emission, (admittedly flame  colour in picture enhanced by reheat)  with the pictures (BELOW) of the doomed Hawker Hunter Jet  below. This ties in with reports of 'vapour' limply pouring out of the stricken Cold War vintage display jet. It suffered 'flameout'....

Moments before the Hawker Hunter jet comes down on the A27  Shoreham Airshow in West Sussex. Julian Bray Aviation Expert asks: Does this prove jet 'flameout'? Last seconds of doomed Hawker Hunter?No orange/blue 'flame' visible from rear mounted jet engine outlet...just fuel vapour, seconds from crashing, it was level and gliding to a heavy landing. Experienced Pilot aiming for wooded copse but seemingly no forward 'thrust' so effectively no control from  the single dead Rolls Royce Avon jet engine.

Julian Bray Aviation Expert asks: Does this picture by Chris Watkins prove jet 'flameout'? Last seconds of doomed Hawker Hunter. No  'flame' visible from rear mounted jet engine outlet (the F.3, a one-off high speed variant did however have reheat, - RA.7R Avon) admittedly no reheat facility) as on upper picture - but graphically makes the point) ...just supra hot fuel vapour, seconds from crashing, however it was level and gliding to a heavy landing. Experienced Pilot aiming for pedestrian free wooded copse but seemingly no forward 'thrust' so effectively no control from the single dead Rolls Royce Avon jet engine. The Pilot in the circumstances did amazingly well to level out an 'out of control ' thrustless Cold War vintage jet..


The Daily Mail sent through a link to this youtube video, for a split second, if you slow the speed of the tape right down, and stop motion frame by frame, this 'flare' appears, in just one single frame. It isn't a reflection, birdstrike, dust or the sun. Suddenly the flameout option is gaining ground...

"The likelihood of making a successful dead stick landing in a jet fighter is considered so slight that the military services have wavered on whether “flameout approaches” should be taught at all." 
Air & Space Magazine

Read more: http://www.airspacemag.com/flight-today/flameout-9043856/#IA7FvYYw8xmbmlFU.99

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but as we say just speculation at this point.


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@aviationcomment i did notice 2 strange objects / smokeclouds coming of the AC before impact. pic.twitter.com/25Y7iEex6x
Following a twitter conversation, JDTV have now (Tuesday afternoon), sent details over to the police investigators. This could be vital evidence, one more piece in a very complex jigsaw.




Following the accident the Civil Aviation Authority immediately began an urgent review and have, today, announced a series of immediate restrictions and changes to UK civil air displays.

The CAA has announced the following:

• As a precaution, on Saturday 22 August the CAA took steps to ensure no further flights were made by Hawker Hunter aircraft - this temporary restriction remains in place.

• Flying displays over land by vintage jet aircraft will be significantly restricted until further notice. They will be limited to flypasts, which means ‘high energy’ aerobatics will not be permitted.

• The CAA will conduct additional risk assessments on all forthcoming civil air displays to establish if additional measures should be introduced.

• The CAA  commenced a full review of civil air display safety yesterday and held an initial meeting this morning (Monday).

The safety standards that must be met by all major civil air displays in the UK are among the very highest in the world and are regularly reviewed. All air display arrangements, including the pilots and aircraft, must meet rigorous safety requirements. Individual display pilots are only granted approval following a thorough test of their abilities.

The CAA will continue to offer every assistance to the Air Accidents Investigation Branch as it seeks to establish the cause of the accident. The CAA will also act promptly in response to any emerging indications from the AAIB’s investigation.

Further details will be provided in the coming days and the CAA will continue to work with the industry to ensure the most appropriate action is taken as a result of this review.

Library Picture: Hawker Hunter Single Seat, note shorter stubby
nose than the long nose twin [side by side] seat T7 variant

Press Association names three victims of Shoreham air crash as Worthing United footballers
Matthew Grimstone
and Jacob Schilt;
as well as Matt Jones, Personal Trainer.

More details of the crashed Hawker Hunter WV372 are emerging.
It was originally built as an F4 variant in 1955, but following fire damage was rebuilt by the RAF as a twin seater T7. WV372 served with RAF No 2 Squadron. The T prefix denotes a Trainer fast jet.

WV372 was built as an F.4 and first flew on 15th July 1955. Delivered to 222(F) Squadron on 2nd September 1955, around a year later her rear fuselage was badly damaged by an in-flight fire caused by hot exhaust gases escaping when the jetpipe detached from the engine.

Returned to Hawkers, she was repaired and converted to a T.7 and returned to the RAF (5 MU) on May 1959. She went on to serve with the RAF Jever and Gutersloh Station Flights, II(AC) Squadron (in whose colours she now flies) and 4 FTS.

After retirement she was one of Jet Heritage's airworthy Hunters and carried out one of her first public displays in 1998. Since then the aircraft has changed hands several times, having been owned by the Fox One consortium (based at Kemble), then Conciair Ltd and then Hunter Flying (based for some time at Exeter, and part of the short-lived Team Viper display team, before moving to their new base at St. Athan).

She was put up for sale (£65,000) at North Weald, having  been stationed there since 2013, Canfield Hunter Ltd thought to be the current owner.

The sales blurb contained this chilling passage:

A true fast jet capable of over 600knots at low level. A head turner at every air show.


Immaculate Hawker Hunter for sale. 2 seat supersonic T7 Hunter flown on a regular basis. Excellent condition inside and out. Great avionics fit including dual radios, (one is 8.33 spacing) Mode S transponder. KMD 150 moving map GPS. Live ejection seats. Electric start system. 4 × 100 gallon drop tanks giving a 1000 NM plus range. Paint is in authentic RAF camo and in fantastic condition. Engine hours 351. Fatigue index is only 30(very low). Easily shipped anywhere world wide. Excellent spares availability A true fast jet capable of over 600knots at low level. A head turner at every air show.

See more at: http://www.thunder-and-lightnings.co.uk/hunter/survivor.php?id=266#sthash.O6h1jTtb.dpuf

Serial #: WV372
Construction #:
Civil Registration:
Model: T.7
Name: None
Status: Airworthy
Last info: 2004

Delivered to RAF as WV372.
- BOC: Sept. 2, 1955.
- SOC: Feb. 27, 1997.
Tom Moloney, North Weald, UK, 1997.
- Registered as G-BXFI

Julian Bray writes:

West Sussex Police held a delayed press conference at 20:45 hrs, to update the media on the progress so far.

Police confirmed the pilot was taken from the wreckage, triaged on the spot, then airlifted by Air Ambulance to the Royal Sussex Hospital, Brighton

Julian Bray Media Aviation Newslines :Shoreham Pilot
Locally the pilot is named as Andy Hill, 51,
from Royston,
a former BA Captain who also flew the Harrier Jump Jet.
The Hawker Hunter and the Harrier were both designed by the same person: Sir Sydney Camm

The pilot is in a critical condition, "just hanging on to life."

Seven bodies have been recovered from the A27 crash site, none from inside the air show perimeter. [Later the Police revised the number of people likely to have died as 11, NOW REVISED TO 20]. Although the initial search operation has finished and the recovery phase of the operation has started, unusually further police searches of the area will still take place. It is possible, say police, that more bodies will be found following removal of the burnt out fuselage by a heavy lift crane due to be in place on Monday.

It is often the case that many spectators not wishing to enter the showground (and pay the admission fees) will quite legitimately watch the aerial display (for free) from surrounding roads and vantage points. These may account for the so far undiscovered, unaccounted for, victims.

Police are working with the Coroner and Victim support. Trained officers will be assisting families of the bereaved. The Next of Kin have yet to be informed.

Paramedics treated 14 people on site for minor burns and injuries.
4 people with severe injuries were taken to hospital.

Police have taken some 40 calls from concerned people and have issued a phone number 01273 4701012.

Police are also appealing for contact details of anyone who may have taken video of the crash incident and surrounding area. Details by email (DO NOT SEND THE VIDEO) local officers will arrange collection once evaluated.

The email address is shoreham.aircrash2015@sussex.pnn.police.uk

Police also apologised to visitors to the air show who were prevented from, as exit routes were blocked at part opf the search operation and dealing with injured at the crash site.

Police confirmed the road surface of the A27 has been badly damaged and can only be repaired once the Air Investigation Branch hand the crash area back to them. So the road will be closed in both directions for several days, possibly longer.

There are now officially confirmed reports that at least seven people are dead ( although Police now suggest 11 might be the true toll,  following an air show display plane (an ex RAF T7 twin seat variant ) which crashed during the popular Shoreham Air Show near Brighton, England onto the busy A27 dual carriageway. The Air Show site has now been fully evacuated, remaining programme cancelled.

Earlier Police Statement:

Police ask drivers to avoid A27 after air crash at Shoreham

22 August 2015

Police are advising all drivers to avoid the A27 in the Shoreham area for rest of today, Saturday (22 August) after a an aircraft has crashed.

At about 1.20pm the aircraft hit several cars on the A27 just to the north of Shoreham Airport, where an air display is taking place. The aircraft ended up in a bush. There have been several casualties but we have no further information on these at the moment.

The A27 has been closed in both directions and drivers are asked to avoid the area until further notice.

Further information will be released as soon as possible.


Witnesses are describing an explosion as the Hawker Hunter - first aerial event of the afternoon - display aircraft crashed onto the A27 and continued into a wooded copse alongside the A27, (now closed) near Lancing College, there are several fatalities seven so far and others on the critical list including the pilot  - the casualties are motorists and passengers, several vehicles involved, possibly two motorcycles.

Local sources backed by camera phone video suggest the aircraft was flying 'very low ' then crashed onto the busy A27 - traffic was at a standstill at the point of impact - a large volume of black smoke quickly developing into a fireball. 

Informed sources are suggesting that 'clear weather turbulence' may be a factor, where unexpected highly localised wind shear conditions can be encountered. But this is just one of many speculations in aviation circles. Local pilots meanwhile are reporting excellent flying weather.

Local hospitals declared an NHS major incident plan, emergency responders were quickly on the scene, and at least two air ambulances scrambled. Some 'walking wounded' self reported to nearby hospitals in West Sussex.

The Hawker Hunter, a subsonic British designed and built jet aircraft launched during the 1950s. The single-seat Hunter entered service described "as a manoeuvrable fighter aircraft." The display plane involved, was looking at the crash video footage ,the two seater T7 variant, often used for training and aerial photographic work. The nose of the aircraft is longer.  There are dozens still flying both as operational training aircraft, many with UK based organisations.

Over 2000 were produced, and some 600 totally rebuilt 'as new' in the 1970s at the Dunsfold factory. Prematurely retired in the 1990's due to the 'ending' of the Cold War. The Hawker Hunter was designed by Sir Sydney Camm, who also created the Hurricane and the iconic Harrier.

Small overseas air forces still fly them, and it remains a favourite on the air display circuit. Display pilots are highly experienced, and the aircraft carefully maintained, meeting (usually exceeding) all air display licencing requirements.

The Shoreham Air Show was set to have a full two day programme of both static and aerial flying displays from over 50 aircraft, a special feature WWII aerial 'dog fight' with the Hanger 11 aircraft collection display team to mark the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain.

Other classic wartime aircraft including the 'Sally B'  B-17 Flying Fortress ( based at IWM Duxford ) were due to attend or fly over the air show site.

Air Accident investigators are on site, and a formal air accident investigation has already been opened, some two hours after the incident.  The crash site on the A27 is expected to remain sealed off for the rest of the weekend and most of next week.

This latest air incident is just weeks after another jet display plane crashed during a Radio Host Chris Evans sponsored Carfest event.

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A British Airways Boeing 787-800, (G-ZBJG  on flight BA-18 August 21st 2015 from Seoul (South Korea) to London Heathrow (UK) with 205 passengers, was enroute at flight level 38,000 ft. about 25nm southwest of Irkutsk (Russia) when the battery of a passenger's smartphone suffered a 'thermal runaway' and started emitting smoke.

Russian Authorities later reported that a passenger accidentally dropped his smartphone, and it became jammed between the seats, in the process it suffered compression resulting in the lithium battery being squashed and suffering 'a thermal runaway'.

The flight crew declared an emergency, reporting smoke in the cabin, diverted the aircraft to Irkutsk, whilst cabin crew cooled the device down, bringing what had developed into a fire, under  control.

The aircraft landed safely in Irkutsk about 15 minutes after leaving flight level 38,000 ft.

The aircraft remained on the ground for almost three hours then was able to continue the journey and is estimated to reach London with a delay of 3 hours.

JULIAN BRAY +44(0)1733 345581, Journalist, Broadcaster, Aviation Security & Operations Expert, Travel / Maritime & Cruise Industry, EQUITY, NUJ, Broadcast COOBE ISDN ++44 (0)1733 345020 (DUAL CODEC) SKYPE: JULIAN.BRAY.UK e&oe Cell: 07944 217476 or iPhone 0743 530 3145 www.aviationcomment.com # # # VENDOR 10476453 http://feeds.feedburner.com/BraysDuckhouseBlog

Tasered for a 'man bag': EasyJet Passenger, police drag man off London to Belfast flight over extra piece of hand luggage bust up

Tasered for a 'man bag': EasyJet Passenger, police drag man off London to Belfast flight over extra piece of hand luggage bust up

EasyJet flight due to depart at 08:20 am from London's Gatwick Airport this morning.  The flight EZY 831was delayed after the man became 'increasingly abusive'  Police board the plane, tasered the man before arresting him. Passengers were 'deplaned' and sent back to the Gatwick departure lounge where Police took statements.
A man was tasered by airport police on board an aircraft due to fly from Gatwick to Belfast over an alleged row concerning two pieces of hand luggage. The easyJet flight was loading prior to departing from London Gatwick Airport earlier today. Police confirmed the flight was delayed after a man became 'increasingly abusive'.
Fellow passengers on the flight tweeted the row had broken out after the man had tried to take two pieces of hand luggage on board - including a 'man purse'. 

Sources: CNS, BBC, Daily Mail, PA,

JULIAN BRAY +44(0)1733 345581, Journalist, Broadcaster, Aviation Security & Operations Expert, Travel / Maritime & Cruise Industry, EQUITY, NUJ, Broadcast COOBE ISDN ++44 (0)1733 345020 (DUAL CODEC) SKYPE: JULIAN.BRAY.UK e&oe Cell: 07944 217476 or iPhone 0743 530 3145 www.aviationcomment.com # # # VENDOR 10476453 http://feeds.feedburner.com/BraysDuckhouseBlog


Cathay A333 near Osaka on Aug 19th 2015, hydraulic leak
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Alitalia A319 near Naples on Aug 19th 2015, hail strike
An Alitalia Airbus A319-100, registration EI-IML performing flight AZ-2016 from Rome Fiumicino to Milan Linate (Italy) with 111 passengers, was climbing through FL150 when the aircraft encountered hail causing damage to the radome. The crew decided...
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Lufthansa Cityline CRJ9 at Stavanger on Aug 21st 2015, gear problem
A Lufthansa Cityline Canadair CRJ-900, registration D-ACNE performing flight LH-875 from Stavanger (Norway) to Frankfurt/Main (Germany) with 37 passengers, was climbing out of Stavanger when the crew stopped the climb reporting problems with the...
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Jazz DH8D near Ottawa on Aug 10th 2015, engine shut down in flight
A Jazz de Havilland Dash 8-400, registration C-GKUK performing flight QK-8956 from Toronto,ON to Fredericton,NB (Canada) with 61 people on board, was enroute at FL250 about 45nm south of Ottawa,ON (Canada) when the crew noticed the oil pressure...
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Jet Airways B738 at Trivandrum on Aug 18th 2015, landed below required final fuel reserve on 7th approach
A Jet Airways Boeing 737-800, registration VT-JFA performing flight 9W-555 (dep Aug 17th) from Doha (Qatar) to Kochin (India) with 142 passengers and 8 crew, was on approach to Kochin and went around three times due to weather. Following the third...
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British Airways B788 near Irkutsk on Aug 21st 2015, smartphone disobeys no smoking instruction
A British Airways Boeing 787-800, registration G-ZBJG performing flight BA-18 from Seoul (South Korea) to London Heathrow,EN (UK) with 205 passengers, was enroute at FL380 about 25nm southwest of Irkutsk (Russia) when the battery of a passenger's...
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Jazz DH8D near Prince George on Jul 15th 2015, hail strike
A Jazz de Havilland Dash 8-400, registration C-GGDU performing flight QK-8205 from Vancouver,BC to Prince George,BC (Canada) with 67 people on board, was descending through 16,000 feet towards Prince George when the aircraft encountered hail for...
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Air Canada A321 near Toronto on Aug 13th 2015, captain incapacitated
An Air Canada Airbus A321-200, registration C-GITY performing flight AC-739 from Toronto,ON (Canada) to San Francisco,CA (USA) with 192 people on board, was enroute at FL320 about 660nm west of Toronto when the captain became ill and was unable to...
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American B752 near Philadelphia on Aug 17th 2015, galley oven roasts rather fast
An American Airlines Boeing 757-200, registration N942UW performing flight AA-750 from Philadelphia,PA (USA) to Brussels (Belgium) with 158 passengers and 9 crew, was enroute at FL310 about 40nm southeast of New York,NY (USA) when the crew declared...
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Delta B752 near Great Falls on Aug 15th 2015, jolt enroute
A Delta Airlines Boeing 757-200, registration N675DL performing flight DL-915 (dep Aug 14th) from Detroit,MI to Seattle,WA (USA), was enroute at FL300 near Great Falls,MT (USA) when the aircraft encountered a single jolt causing a serious back...
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Jazz DH8D near Prince George on Jul 15th 2015, hail strike
A Jazz de Havilland Dash 8-400, registration C-GGDU performing flight QK-8205 from Vancouver,BC to Prince George,BC (Canada) with 67 people on board, was descending through 16,000 feet towards Prince George when the aircraft encountered hail for...
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Blue B734 at Liverpool on Aug 17th 2015, suspected bird strike
A Blue Air Boeing 737-400, registration YR-BAJ performing flight 0B-134 from Liverpool,EN (UK) to Bucharest Otopeni (Romania) with 156 people, was climbing out of Liverpool's runway 27 when the crew stopped the climb at about FL130 reporting they...
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Indigo A320 at Ahmedabad on Aug 20th 2015, bird strike
An Indigo Airbus A320-200, registration VT-INS performing flight 6E-158 from Ahmedabad to Delhi (India), departed Ahmedabad's runway 23 but received a bird strike into the left hand engine (V2527) prompting the crew to return to Ahmedabad for a safe...
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Delta B752 near Las Vegas on Aug 19th 2015, engine trouble
A Delta Airlines Boeing 757-200, registration N709TW performing flight DL-459 from New York JFK,NY to Los Angeles,CA (USA) with 156 people on board, was enroute at FL380 about 240nm northeast of Las Vegas,NV (USA) when the crew reported problems...
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Skywest CRJ7 near Billings on Aug 19th 2015, loss of cabin pressure
A Skywest Airlines Canadair CRJ-700 on behalf of Alaska Airlines, registration N215AG performing flight OO-3469/AS-3469 from Omaha,NE to Seattle,WA (USA) with 50 people on board, was enroute at FL340 about 140nm eastsoutheast of Billings,MT (USA)...
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Courtesy www.Aeroinside.com

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ATR-42 Flight TGN 267 Aircraft "BLACK BOX DFR RECOVERED CRASHED INTO MOUNTAIN" over Papua, 54 people dead.

Papua Air Crash

Rescue teams have reached the incident site and confirm there are no survivors. All 54 persons on board perished.

One of the 'black box' data recorders has been recovered and is being sent for laboratory processing and decoding. The hunt for the second black box continues.  

The plane completely broke up on impact with the side of the mountain.

Officials confirm this is now a recovery operation. Deteriorating weather conditions continue to hamper the recovery process.   

Helicopters unable to land at the mountain densely wooded crash site, will use lines and winches to recover bodies assisted by ground based responders, who have literally 'trekked' by foot to the crash area. The debris field is widespread comprising small fragments over the mountain side amid dense vegetation. Local weather conditions are not good but 'normal' for this remote region. 

The Trigana Air Service ATR-42 [PK-YRH] Aircraft crashed with 54 people on board. No distress 'squawks' or Mayday messages were transmitted say Indonesian sources.

Julian Bray writes: The report below from www.aeroinside.com is comprehensive and factual. It ties in with my sources and adds some additional detail. It also has to be said, no 'on the ground' confirmation has yet been released and the report highlights some early misinformation, now corrected. No news of any survivors but this is still a rescue mission, not a recovery operation.


A Trigana Air Avions de Transport Regional ATR-42-300, registration PK-YRN (in the last couple of years, this aircraft has been involved in zero other incidents. The same airline, Trigana, has been featured in totally 4 incidents or accidents) performing flight TGN-257 from Jayapura to Oksibil (Indonesia) with 49 passengers and 5 crew, was enroute estimated to arrive in Oksibil at 15:15L (06:15Z), however, did not contact or land in Oksibil. The aircraft was declared missing, a search for the aircraft was initiated. On Aug 17th 2015 the aircraft was found at an altitude of about 8,300 feet at the side of the Pegunungan Bintang Regency mountain at coordinates S4.8215 E140.4992.

Authorities reported the aircraft was anticipated to contact Oksibil at around 15:00L, Oksibil attempted to establish radio contact with the aircraft starting at 15:00L to no avail. Another Trigana ATR-42-300 PK-YRR, was dispatched to search for the missing aircraft, the aircraft departed Jayapura at 15:30L to look for the missing aircraft. PK-YRR returned to Jayapura 2 hours later without locating the missing aircraft, the crew reported the weather did not permit to fly through the area of Ambisibil, where a visual flight was not possible.

Papua Police reported they are responding to phone calls from residents in the village Bape, at the mountain ridge about 3.5nm southwest of Ambisibil and 15nm northwest of Oksibil, that they have seen an aircraft impacting terrain in the area, and dispatched rescue personnel into the area. The search was interrupted for the night and is to resume Monday (Aug 17th) morning.

AirNav Indonesia reported the weather in both Jayapura and Oksibil was reported good with good visibility.

Indonesia's National Search and Rescue Agency (SAR) reported they were informed the contact with the aircraft was lost at 14:55L (05:55Z), the aircraft did not land in Oksibil until 15:16L (06:16Z).

Indonesia's Ministry of Transport reported the flight number was TGN-257, not TGN-267 as reported earlier, the aircraft involved is PK-YRN. The Ministry advised that the names of the crew members published by the Ministry so far were in error, too. The search for the missing aircraft has been suspended for the night.

On Aug 17th 2015 Indonesia's Ministry of Transport reported that a helicopter located the debris of the missing aircraft on Aug 17th 2015 at 08:50L (23:50Z Aug 16th) at the side of the Pegunungan Bintang Regency at coordinates S4.8215 E140.4992 at an altitude of about 8300 feet, about 8.5nm from the airport.

Due to weather the helicopter operations had to be suspended subsequently, however. A total of 266 rescue personnel are on their way on the ground to the crash site. Only Indonesian nationals, no foreigners were on board of the aircraft.

On Aug 17th 2015 Papua's Police reported the wreckage has been located about 12 to 15km (6.5 to 8.1nm) from Oksibil Airport.

Indonesia's Ministry of Transport states, Oksibil Airport is located at coordinates S4.907222 E140.628333, 4000 feet elevation, and features a runway 11/29 of about 3900 feet/1200 meters length. The unattended aerodrome is capable of receiving Dash 7 and ATR-42 aircraft.

Other Trigana Aviation Incidents

Courtesy WWW.Aeroinside.com







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