Julian Bray Aviation Security and operations expert comments : Days before Paris is flooded with hundreds of thousands of football fans, for the Euro 2016 football festival at venues all over France; a 'grave security lapse' has been exposed at the Charles De Gaulle Paris Airport.  The whole of France is currently 'on an enhanced security mandate' due to both labour unrest, flooding issues, and the Euro 2016 football championships.  

All 325 passengers on an Air Canada flight 881 on June 3rd from CDG Paris to Toronto were compulsory rescreened on the Toronto tarmac immediately they arriving in Canada last Friday, after some 17 transit passengers from Sri Lanka, did not go thorough proper security screening in Paris, France before being waved through the gate and welcomed on board.

The airline said crew aboard Air Canada Flight 881 on June 3 only learned mid-flight that 17 of its passengers did not go through the required pre-board security screening at Paris's Charles de Gaulle airport.

There were 325 passengers and 12 crew on board the flight.

Air Canada said the passengers were "misdirected" by security and ground staff at Charles de Gaulle after getting off a connecting flight from Sri Lanka , although remaining in the secure area but were supposed to go through additional security.

But that additional screening never happened.  Peter Fitzpatrick, on behalf of Air Canada, said passengers had been screened prior to their flight from Sri Lanka and did not leave the "secure zone" at Charles de Gaulle. He claimed their bags were properly screened in Paris.

Air Canada Paris to Toronto

He confirmed the rescreening of all  325 passengers and 12 crew on landing was required by Transport Canada and the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA).

Travis O'Brien, a spokesman for the CBSA, said the rescreening took place after learning there were "passengers on board that had not completed pre-board security screening in Paris."

"The CBSA was made aware of this incident and immediately put measures in place for the arrival of the flight at Toronto Pearson International Airport," O'Brien said.