Surinder Arora no bridge option for Heathrow

An hotel group boss has submitted an interesting alternative plan for the proposed third runway at London Heathrow in the process slashing billions of pounds from the current publicly funded budget, simply by moving the runway and leaving the M25 well alone.
The speculative documents sent to Whitehall, were drawn up by consultants Bechtel for Surinder Arora, of Arora International Hotels.

Potential project cost savings of £6.7bn are claimed over  the airports'  £18.6bn scheme.

Moving the runway to avoid it straddling and bridging the M25, saves £1.5bn, and losing a proposed airside passenger transit system, saves a further £1bn.

Not content with that, modifications to the new terminal design and airside taxiway system, as well as dropping the £1.1bn plans to expand Terminal 2, makes up the rest of the nearly £7billion cost saving.

The Arora Group is currently one of the largest Heathrow landowners on the footprint. Arora is involved in a Crown Plaza and Holiday Inn Express linked to Terminal 4 and another hotel linked to Terminal 2.

Arora’s chairman, Surinder Arora, said: Heathrow needs competition and innovation which puts passengers and airlines at the heart of the expansion project.
“We have brought together some of the world’s leading experts in infrastructure and aviation to develop the proposals that we have submitted to the Government. In addition, our own advisory board brings in unparalleled experience including former British Airways CEO Sir Rod Eddington.